Natural Front Hairline Toupee

December 25 [Thu], 2014, 14:10
Customers who buy toupees always would like a natural looking toupee. In other words, they want the toupee looks like real hair instead of looking fake. Especially on the front hairline, they don't hope any knots. Usually, lace and pu (thin skin ) are most used base material for toupee. About lace, bleached knots is a good way for making a natural front hairline. And V-looped thin skin or Injected thin skin will lead to a non knots effect on front hairline for thin skin toupee.

And some customers also found that the right side of the skin hair replacements is not as good direction as left side. We have one customer who wrote us: "I've been wearing Hair systems for the past 10 years but the always bulge on the right side... just over the right ear. The LEFT-SIDE is always perfect... Sits and combs really well....No one so far got this right for me.... I would love to go and show the hair technician how well the hair looks on one side and ask them to do it exactly the same on the other... I can't understand why this hasn't been corrected???" I understand the problem and explained to him why this problem is not easy to be resolved. Most of the factories use splits knots on skin bases and most of the ventilating workers are right-handed. That's why. I suggested injected hair to him. He agreed to try Injected Skin Hair Replacement after hearing my explanation. Problem solved and he changed to injected skin hair replacements instead of split knots from then on. Do you have met with the same problem? Maybe you can consider to test Injected Skin Hair.

About normal skin hair units with split knots and injected skin unit, I'm not saying which one is good, which one is bad. They are different models of hair replacements with different strong points, so that meet different customers need. Hope this article helps customers to choose the right hair models which fit them perfectly.

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