still care about Qinhuai happen

October 14 [Mon], 2013, 16:11
() Qinhuai everything that happened, almost no one noticed, after all, Su Tiancheng left the Jiangning County, Henan Province as prefect, this is a big thing, as that Qinhuai thing, that is better off to take care of people sāo thing. Yan sub-chapter of the Ren Jiangning County magistrate, Zhengke You still a county magistrate, and Liu Zhongji Blue Bridge is not moving, is still the main thin, but Liu Zhongji still examinations tree, waiting for open years later, will try to go to the stables, if will try High School, naturally not as Jiangning County main thin, so to say, Jiangning County county government, is still very stable. Let officials assured that the child Zhang Yan to the Jiangning County a few months time, based on the former magistrate Su Tiancheng are in accordance with the strategy to Acting Chief, which also shows that Su Tiancheng left, Jiangning County still maintaining the previous situation . However, people still care about Qinhuai happen. Suping Yang and Su Jun, is particularly concerned about the Qinhuai happen. After several years of sharpening, Su Jun undergone great changes, more flexible, capable of handling a lot of things, Suping Yang Ren Jiangning County Code of history, the Su Jun as a family room Sili, time and money and grain dealing Jiangning County is unusual affluent places, county government is a lot of silver, Su Junbing holding a principle, that is fully in accordance with the young master told. Su Tiancheng and Gu Hengbo relationship between he knows, it should be said, know this thing man, not a lot. In just half a month's time, suddenly so much misfortune, SU Jun strange, more anxious, detention Guheng Bo is made out Yingtianfu decision, he could not intervene, it seemed overconfident, it does not make sense. That is sent directly to the music Guheng Bo Ji, Su Jun feel good. Yue Ji is somewhere, no one knows, no one enters Yue Ji girl. Thinking to keep clean the body, it is nonsense, that is, into the music Guheng Bo Ji, at any time may be subjected to insults. SU Jun'm not sure, sir is not have a special relationship with Guheng Bo, Master Liu Rushi already married. After the Qinhuai River has never been to, but he felt that regardless of Master and Guheng Bo is not a relationship, and now the case that he is to find a way to secretly Canada Goose Women's Dawson protect the Guheng Bo. All things, until the Master back, making a decision. SU Jun find Suping Yang, detail out their own ideas. Suping Yang is someone who, after hearing this matter, immediately attaches great importance to it. The impact of Jiangning County, unusual. Do not say Yingtianfu, Nanjing is six, is also very buy face, Su Pingyang albeit not the typical mediocre history, but governing the security Jiangning County, combined and Su Tiancheng unusual relationship, so that the power is not small. Jiaofang leadership belongs to the Ministry of Rites. Yingtianfu direct jurisdiction, Yue Ji is Jiaofang a department, although rich flow of oil, but the status of the general, the head of Jiaofang Bong Luang, but a positive Nine's office. Taking into account these factors, the Su Pingyang found Jiaofang directly Bong Luang. Ask him to care about Guheng Bo, secretly I mean that being not Guheng Bo pick up. Nanjing six and Yingtianfu from Jiangning County get a lot of benefits. Mere Jiaofang, really nothing, such things should not hesitate Bong Luang, this requirement may be Suping Yang said, Bong Luang even some difficult, there is no direct answer is given. See Bong Luang attitude Suping Yang and Su Jun feel good. Suping Yang changed his attitude, coldly said, if Bong Luang adults feel embarrassed, it is not in trouble, but in the future, Jiaofang do anything, we must pay attention to, in order to maintain the security situation in Jiangning County, county government will have a lot of consideration, if sometimes noisy out some of the unhappy, you can not blame the county government not to face. Sè remarks put Bong Luang face pale, Jiaofang is to do something, and who do not know ah, sometimes trouble out something normal, if these things bother pointing Jiangning County, which involved power and influence of an adult, he Bong Luang Canada Goose Solaris this, and do not think to do something, and lose his job is fairly small things, leaving poor, are likely to enter the jail. The impact of Jiangning County, unusual, people are dare anything, Jiaofang Kefa offend. See Suping Yang's attitude has changed, Bong Luang nodded promised, but it is also hard to say with a straight face up to a month's time, Jiaofang also provided, people come in, have a month to adjust, after this month of the time, he can do about it. Can have a month's grace period, enough. Back to the county government, the Suping Yang and Su Jun specifically discuss this matter, SU Jun mean, to immediately report it to the Master, to see the young master how to deal with it, after all, time is running out, a month, a flash in the past , the combined Master of things, certainly is a lot, even back to the Jiangning County, probably too late to think about these things. Su Pingyang After all experienced some thought for a moment, negating the SU Jun views. Suping Yang has its own considerations, between Master and Guheng Bo, what is the relationship, is not yet certain how to follow the Master came Jiangning County, is more than two years time, the county government to do something after so long , experience a lot, anyway, to deal with any matter, are needed calm. Su Pingyang different age, naturally deeper look at the issue. Gu Hengbo different identity, after all, brothel woman, before Master Liu Rushi will receive side, would attract a lot of talk, but fortunately the emperor's edicts down, Liu Rushi to the stables to face St., and so the situation Next, what will not continue to talk, and can be followed to Guheng Bo if that is not a simple thing, Mrs. how to think, what kind of impact will be formed, which are the need to take into account, if the meaning but misguided , it is unfavorable. Su Pingyang analysis is justified, Su Jun is also wise man, a little on the next. They talk for a while, and finally identified the solution. Guheng Bo was sent to Le Ji, Tang Haitai is ecstatic. He Sihong this kid has been grounded, and not continue to go to the Qinhuai River, and according to his information received, Hesi Hong soon left Nanjing, go back home, training for some time, chūn section after going directly to the stables. As for Su Tiancheng, imperial edicts have been down, supposedly to go directly to the Henan government took office, that is up to go back home mothering, under normal circumstances, is not going to come back to Jiangning County, say, is Back Jiangning County to not have too much of something, is not Jiangning County magistrate, do not intervene in the South also thinking about the things you stables. So, Guheng Bo is his next meal it. Of course, he can not be too anxious, at least until some of the wind subsided slightly, if under rapid shot, people Heyao Wu is not stupid, really getting mad Heyao Wu, future rì child is not better. Own Bobo Tang Shi Ji, where Tang Haitai is spend a lot of thought, TANG Shi Ji is his biggest rely on, now in the stables as a left Censor, how high, as long as the world economy to get Don asylum, all things are hard to say. Efforts are not always in vain, seeing TANG Shi Ji on their attitudes change slowly, and began to care about, and even fell into the stables to do things their own proposals. Tanghai lie not so much ambition, Nanjing is a multi bustling place, enough to enjoy yourself, and stables inside, so complicated, a little careless, roll into, or big trouble. Guheng Bo has not broken melon, this other thing, Tang Haitai is find out about, say so, he also found a Jiaofang privately Bong Luang, requiring good look Guheng Bo Feng Luan. Bong Luang roots did not expect to Yue Ji Gu Hengbo But one day, there they said hello. He can only bite the bullet and deal with, and if anyone thinking about looking Guheng Bo, then find excuses in the past, anyway, which is a month's time, if there is no way, you need to go out to play, then sent along, try to ensure that do not go wrong. Into the music Ji, Gu Hengbo Xinrusihui. While growing up in a brothel, although well-known things between men and women can come to a place like Le Ji, she still can not accept, where the girl, and ultimately what the outcome, she was very Women's North Face WaterProof Sale clear. Why did he suddenly came Yue Ji, who exactly is offended, Gu Hengbo some loss, Yingtianfu Fucheng Heyao Wu adults, she has not even seen, as the son of Hesi Hong Heyao Wu said, she did not have much of an impression, that a few days time, Hesi Hong Qinhuai spent thousands two in silver, when she did not mind, anyway, these money, he did not see it. After Hesi Hong bawd suffered insults, suddenly jumped Qinhuai River, attracted a lot of discussion, Gu Hengbo think Qinhuai River is such a place, the money does not recognize people recognize that any one brothel madam, faced no silver piá o off, all this attitude, but this time her wrong, offended Yingtianfu Ho adults. Gu Hengbo still did not pay attention until she was suddenly Yingtianfu of runners caught, brought music Ji came. Time of day, Gu Hengbo eat or drink, slumped over the house, inside her mind, a blank, a huge difference between hair, made her think about law, even thought this was anything real. People to the crisis, the first thought is to grasp at straws. In the evening, Guheng Bo began to feel afraid, involuntary thought of Su Tiancheng. Girls under sixteen years of age, not strong to go. Three days have passed, every day to take care of her daily diet, these people do not speak, attitudes can be considered possible, Guheng Bo tried to talk to each other, but people do not speak. Slowly, Guheng Bo began to think, and who he really was offended, why was sent Yue Ji come, will encounter what fate.
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