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It's really easy to tell the SJW apart from the standard people in this comment section.


Now see, welfare states aren't purely capitalist but rather socialist. But in this day and age, it's hard to stick to just one system.
So is China trying to pin all the pollution and worker's rights violations (including child labor) on Karl? Cause I don't think they've achieved his dream of the socialist utopia yet..


Somehow we are following him, that’s why some of the predictions were not true. If he didn’t write, it would have been the result..
Marx theory contradicts Hermetic laws. Considering him being a FreeMason he made it on purpose to mislead and for the lodge of Falsehood in the future to gain power and control. 1.Hermeticism states that any controversy could be settled through universal Law of harmony. Marx states the opposite, that controversy could be settled through usurpation of power (totalitarianism) and imposing interests of one class over another, because there is no better alternative (not true). neither Marx explores any other alternatives 2. Hermeticism states that Cause of Social progress is SelfKnowledge. Marx states - means of production. No wonder modern man is turning into a slave of technology and money.

Ask Russia! Oh right, even they gave up on this garbage!
Rule 34
Yes the man who had a servant he NEVER paid and then raped and she had a baby is really a good guy. I will quote his wife, who said of him, I wish my husband would earn some capital instead of just writing about it. He was a fraud and a moron. His followers are fascist nuts..

Сука, уже чую пачки яоя по этому аниме
Material civilization is the foundation of spiritual civilization。。


What is now happening to Marx's theory has, in the course of history, happened repeatedly to the theories.
This is disgusting!!!!!!!!! Marx is a blight on all of humanity and his garbage is still causing death and destruction. They would never make young hiter like this! The left is way more dangerous than the right and their body count cannot be topped..

Hang all communist traitors in America. Especially the professors that are communists in our universities..
The decrease in extreme poverty is because of charity, welfare states, easy immigration, and science. Not capitalism. NASA alone did a lot. Tech billionairs are usually benevolent monarchs 🙌 who grace us and third world countries with charity. 🙌.

The rich got richer but the poor DID NOT STAY POOR. Get your facts straight. Capitalism has got people out of poverty with staggering speed in the last century. Basic economics sheesh.

There's a fundamental attribution error here. The great increase in global wealth and an increase in wellbeing is being ascribed solely to capitalism. Other factors like scientific and technological advances, interconnectedness and communication advances, have all contributed. In reality both communist countries and western ones saw large proportional increases in wealth and wellbeing, relative to where they were after WWI - and communist countries were playing catchup. In terms of years of development, were they more years behind in 1991 than they were in 1918? No..

Hey what do you do when the corporations buy and control your government and media, asking for 320 million friends...

death, attempts are made to convert them into harmless icons, to canonize them, so to say, and to hallow

3 minute videos about anything related to marxism-leninism will be rushed no matter what. In USSR people where doing whole university classes to tackle the theory. So this video basically is a personal opinion about not even the surface of Marx theory. With that being said, the argument about underestimating capitalism is wrong. People being less poor by the time is analogical. Capitalism produces more at this point that it did ever before, increasing the wealth and as a side effect the working class has a small benefit. But also rich are getting richer. The wealth workers produce is immersive and still they don't own this wealth. This by itself will always be relevant in capitalism, even if we agree with it or not.

The thing with capitalism and communism is that both systems dont work at all. Its our personal Freedom to create, free thought and democracy that make us succesfull not the capitalistic system. The opposite is true for communistic countries, they are mostly dictatorships and opress every piece of freedom, thus they failed. I think this is also where Karl Marx was wrong, its not capitalism that leads to inequality over time, but every system that gets to big and has some kind hierarchical structure because most profit then end up in thehands of few. Look at the end of the soviet union, it was more inequal then most capitalistic countries, even though it claimed to be communistic..

Marx's claims are more of a diagnose than a cure. He saw the problem within the system, but were also limited by the era he lived in, unable to provide the perfect cure (neither can we at this time). His methods of thinking and studying the society, however, are an invaluable asset for all human beings..

Was Karl Marx right? No. Karl Marx imagined a capitalist world which was going to happen, and a Socialist world which was going to happen, but because he published all of that, people had plenty of time to react. And as a result, the things Marx had written about became impossible simply because too many people had too much time to prevent those things from ever happening..

The irony is that you have to pay to see it I wonder who could be behind this (((movie)))

Most people have not read Das kapital. They read other people's opinion about communism on internet. Communism failed in many countries because it diverted from its actual objectives and ended up in dictatorship. Meanwhile many countries who are highly developed still has some communist elements in it..
Le epij starvation in commie countries jokes hahahahahah. Pinnacle of human comedy. The fact that way more famines often occured in Tsarist Russia than USSR and that average Soviet citizen from 60s to 80s consumed more calories than average American citizen doesn't matter at all. What next? Le epij helicopter memes from 2016?.

Esta a punto de dar dislike y comentar que como erap osible que una revista de economia estuviera a favor de Marx, hasta que hablo de la realidad del comunismo, y como el capitalismo era y es el mejor sistema economica que ha existido en toda la historia (hasta la fecha).
True Communism as Marx envisioned has NEVER occurred. Neither has true Laissez Faire Capitalism. The masses are ignorant, fearful, and lazy thus those in power will remain in power..


Long live Karl Marx and his ideas
I have said this before, these economic left ideas (communism, socialism, minimum wages, welfare, debates in 'inequality' etc etc) are all well intentioned but they lead to the opposite results, or at least in a loss of productivity (I say this as a general rule of thumb, because imo there is room for debate about benefits or necessity of socialism and welfare). As this video correctly concludes - the solution was worse than the problem. Don't underestimate the power of incentives...


dove posso guardarlo in streaming?




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