At school 

July 10 [Mon], 2006, 19:27
I know I write a little late, but I write on my Website now. At the moment, I am sitting in school. Only 5 minutes and we have a break. I'm bored, because we make absolutely NOTHING I have to go now. I'm so sorry for the short entry, but it's late.


January 05 [Thu], 2006, 4:29
I am so bored today. I have to make a new Design for my Website, but my creativity is so lost. My boyfriend is sitting on the couch and watches "Rush Hour" on TV. I think he is bored too. My Dad is gone to work yet and we are allalone at home. I like to be alone with my boyfriend! No parents, no rules, only silence Okay, I have to work a little bit. And I want to eat a banana.
I love bananas
Bai bai


January 04 [Wed], 2006, 6:13
So here I am again. I think I should view you a photo of me. It's from the last summer, but it shows me like i look yet. Except my hair. It is cut down a little bit. I hope I can shortly take a few pictures of me, then you can see like I look yet. Actually I have to work on my Website, but my creativity is lost. If someone like to look at a german Website, here it is: At the moment there isn't very much to see. There are only a few things about me, the Website itself and a little link section. Now I am sitting beside my boyfriend and look what he play with my Playstation 2. I love to play videogames. The best games ever are EyeToy and SingStar for the Sony Playstation 2. Oh and all Dancing Stage games! In the last time I like to play EyeToy Kinetic. It's a fitnesstrainer game. But after playing this game I felt so sick, because I get a muscular strain! I think I soon go to bed and read my "Japanese with Manga" book. I hope I can learn japanese much better by reading this book. Oh before I forget, here is a list of my hobbies:
reading Manga, sitting on my PC and surfing the internet, playing videogames (Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube,...), spend time with my boyfriend, drawing and playing The Sims 2 on my PC
Sorry for my bad english and less japanese in the entries!

Hello world! 

January 04 [Wed], 2006, 4:47
Hey everyone!
This is my first entry in this yaplog.
I love this thing! This is the first time, i wrote in english and a
little bit in japanese. My english sucks and my japanese more sucks. I'm so sorry for that! I'm so bored today and i decided to write a
little bit about me. I am a 18 years old girl from ドイツ / germany.
Oh I wish you a happy new year guys! Enjoy the new year!
I'm in christmas holidays til next week. On 30th December was my
18th birthday. Yeah i can drive a car yet! But it's only my Dads car
and it sucks. Okay, perhaps i write later this evening. Because here it's 09:08 PM!! (Oooh, I think I fell in love with the smileys!)
後で会おう (See you later!)
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