Folly Girl 

2005年03月29日(火) 20時37分
Why i try to make this?
Have a lot of free time?

The answer is.... 'NO' .

Right, now i have a lot of free time cause this time is a summer school long vacation. But...when i back to school again.
i must very busy! about learn...act-group....ryo-chan(how about him --*--)

Hoewver, i still wanna begin with the new experience.... and it so difficult.

My foolish start at.... Cromatie's Board.
Althought it can be now but i'm boried with it...
Truth, i don't wanna feel this. I want to make it always.

I will try!! ...I tell to myself always too....

Even if I am a girl who have a little power.

I know!!

And I don't sure.... How long I can up with ENG.

Dowwwww.. GRA-DARR sho sho!
do it as same as ...MEUNG GENG TAI... (jingjing... fool shibhey leoy!)

Last night, Por tell mom he will go UNI in today.

I call to NuiUchi. cause she want to come my home [for see HONJANI - GYM] We talk since 20.00 til 22.30 .... a battle talk about Kansai.s Boys!! we talk praneung wa no see pen shadd!! 55555+ But a bit about complain to Uchi.. T^T

Truth, i don't want that... jingjing naaa! It so fun when we talk that!

Come to 2day's story.. ^^

Then... Por not go UNI
I'm in bed til midday for wait him go out from home. But he not go! He watch DVD with friend! T^T

I feel rather bad when his friends visit my home.
They are bad boy all! and... they have afraid-face...

Dai kirai!

1st on this!! 

2005年03月27日(日) 20時53分
1st page but gu up 2nd!!

Because?? gu cannot up by Thai!! ha-he makmak.. sad!

dont think gu ja yom par na voey! gu ja up man yang nii. until gu can find way to type in Thai!! dowwww... U KNOW ME A LITTLE GO!!!

but.. this way so fun naaa! gu aa send msg with KARAOKE-lang always leoy... herherher with p'june gai!


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