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June 05 [Tue], 2012, 23:13

It's fun that LG names some of their mobile phones with food related names. This one is known as the LG Cookie, and i previously owned a LG Chocolate. And the LG Ice Cream is on my wishlist, definitely!

LG doesn't always have the best technology, but their design, compared to what has been marketed in Europe/Portugal by other brands, for me, it's the best. Everything is highly customizable (wallpaper, ringtones, themes, etc.), with many color options and designs, so it never gets boring. And, since there are many phones that now come without it, that little space for you to put a phone strap. That's true, my phone can't live without one.

Everyone that collects phone straps can relate to this one - isn't it disappointing when your new phone doesn't have a place for one?

I bought this phone last year, but the strap was caught on an UFO CATCHER machine in 2009, if i can remember correctly - it has been waiting for the perfect phone to arrive. I have a Mickey one, with a light green heart, from the same 'collection' too.

The wallpaper is by SEX POT - you can download it for free on their official website. They release new ones every month, a desktop calendar and a matching phone wallpaper, but i'm still using the February version (am i right?) because i really do like the design. I have the t-shirt with the same print, but i don't wear it much. I wonder why!

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