The curtain of choose and buy the five elements

September 28 [Sat], 2013, 16:30
Country Style Curtains , is an ordinary but again indoor layout of nots allow to ignore, it is to coordinate the whole atmosphere of the room, play an important role. In selecting the curtain, should pay attention to the following:
(1) material. Can make the room feel sense of luxury, expensive fabric but we don't need to spend a lot of money to the pursuit of gorgeous, as long as the notice with the display inside the room the grade of the match. In addition, the quality of a material of cloth to indoor decorate the style and atmosphere has important influence, such as fully thin materials to make people feel cool, heavy material, make the bedroom produces the warm feeling.
2 colors. Clever use of color, can change the atmosphere in the room. In general, deep dark tonal can make the person feels a space narrow, and bright light color can make little space appears wide stretch. Colour collocation is proper, can build a stable and comfortable half; Color such as not harmonious, the person can be agitated; Colour is too miscellaneous, also can give a person to bring chaos, in short, create the color of the curtain shoulds not be too prominent.
(3) the pattern shape and curtain, the curtain of appropriate design, is advantageous to the correct window bad proportion, so as to obtain good spatial impression. The pattern of the curtain both choose the abstract shape, and the natural scenery design, all should grasp the principle of simple and lively, simple but elegant.
(4) as part of the interior decoration, curtain must pay attention to in harmony with the other indoor display, especially pay attention to and bedspreads, carpets, sofa sets etc. The coordinated relationship between the fabric items with larger area, best can arrange something in common in color or design, make its produce internal harmony, enhance the overall sense of indoor.
Cloth art to soften the interior space hard lines, gift bedroom the style of a kind of sweet, or pure and fresh and natural, or elegant and luxuriant, and warmth of romance. Cloth art adornment including curtains, pillow, bedspread, cushion, *, cushion, sofa cover, table cloth, wall cloth, etc. Buy cloth art adornment should pay attention to the following factors:
1. First of all, combined with the color of furniture to determine a mass-tone to move, make bedroom whole colour, aesthetic harmony. Second, the fabrics should be with the function of the cloth accessories. Can match the fabric luxuriant and beautiful sitting room, bedroom with smooth and soft fabric, the kitchen can choose strong washable fabrics.
2. For such as curtain, antependium, hanging hanging cloth act the role ofing, its area, color, pattern, style, etc., to match the space of the bedroom, on the vision should have a sense of balance. Such as larger Windows, should with wider humanly scaled, length, close to the ground of the curtain to decorate; Small space, want to match with pattern fine cloth, so as not to lose balance.
3. The bed cloth art must choose pure cotton texture of fabric, to "breathe" sweat glands, and feels soft. Small bedroom space appropriate chooses the tonal nature and imagination stripes as decorations, will extend bedroom space effect; The furniture of light color attune appropriate chooses light powder, powder green, elegant floral fabric; For the furniture of brunet attune, blackish green, dark blue color is a good choice.
4. The creeping of cloth act the role ofing, such as carpet, tablecloth, bedspread, etc., should be with indoor ground, the size of the furniture photograph harmony. The ground USES a bit deep color more, tablecloth and bedspread should be lower than the ground color and brightness, harmony in comparison.
5. In the bedroom, on the overall arrangement of cloth act the role ofing should also be coordinated with other adornment. Color, decorative pattern and dense cloth act the role of strong expressiveness, suitable for luxurious style space; Bright light color, concise design of cloth, can foil more modern space. Secret room defects: with striking pattern or the cloth that are a material suction light curtain comes cloak. Prominent indoor and attractive view: contrast with bright design and plain coloured object, in order to foil setting, quality of a material or use appliance glances to highlight special scenery.
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