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July 23 [Mon], 2012, 22:39
Only song to see the more enchanting and moving more and more high-pitched, gently singing, then it is strange and tactfully to a swing onto the Nike Futura Spring 2011 Air Force 1 Premium, the whole sound, as the treble, like empty earnings of an entire galaxy of football into the basketball hall, but the lead singer Qingwu while still not the slightest reluctance to sing out.On the podium, Liang deeply spit breath, the heart will be a hanging in the air completely let down.And begin the total beam pointing nose curse men kept a low voice repeated: "level! Level! This is a first-class level!Lin Chen accompanied total beam sitting on the podium still have spare, totally spent his eyes.Voice disappearing into the light of blazing lights, only lingering filled, floating in the gym every corner!Applause, prolonged!Accompanied by Lin Chen stepped down from the podium steps, the total beam quietly disappeared in the people's attention ...Zhang Yan at this time the only completely do not know all of this, complete closure of the players lounge can only vaguely hear the song of the willow smoke, but let him with Liu smoke because of the singing changes the sound is clearly more difficult, no Liu The smoke will be singing for the opening ceremony of the concept of Zhang Yan Wei did not think of it all.

He is about to appear in the highly anticipated midfielder as the Chaohe Nike Futura Spring 2011 Air Force 1 Premium team's starting, it is his red team excited the next five days trying to win the Zhang Yan Wei are constantly thinking about this matter .Do not know what other people have no feeling of excitement, at least Zhang Yan Wei felt that his heart burst to tighten, his hand is still very stable, and the crest of the kind of darting out from the heart, however, let his feelings too much change.Like his first on behalf of the Nike Air Force 1 Sale course of the Chaohe seven standing the race like that around everything crystal-clear now complete the feeling seems to appear again in his body.Legend has it that the kind of person, the training time is not the total excitement, when he appeared on a real battlefield, he can play goes well beyond the usual strength, let his teammates, including all stunned.We can not determine, Zhang Yan Wei whether this, at least, he will seldom mind tense situation which led to the emergence of errors of judgment, not to mention because he was nervous, like Huang's Italian coach has been convinced that he is a the most consistent pitcher.Because his hand is definitely not because the game hit the last second of the extreme critical shaking.

"Brother, are you ready? Play!" Yang Yu's head suddenly appeared in the doorway of the Nike Futura Spring 2011 Air Force 1 Premium Finally started! ,,,,The highly anticipated, a word used here is not at all an exaggeration!Light completely projection at the top of the stadium, although the floor with a reflective material, however, under strong light, dazzling feeling.The entire journey basketball hall of Shan Hu tsunami from the crowd bristle, lighting, rendering and slugging crowd formed a completely different picture when there is a Unit of the large winter heat wave hit, basketball hall to the management office of the crowd, the air inside the detection system provides accurate temperature data, after a few minutes, air-conditioning systems in the basketball hall of the journey running up.Not too much to fight, H City, local sports television will live Province League opening ceremony and first game of last year's runner-up S City to participate in the same time, there are more and more the size of the newspaper reporters rushed to the course, at this time, they are more views of the record size and leadership of the provincial race, as well as a variety of facilities, what wins As for the game, they also use a belt on the line, they need detailed Nike Air Force 1 Premium, Air Force 1 Premium of only the finals.
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