Floor it 

2007年11月20日(火) 21時50分

No one screws with the Spice Girls because the tour will rock some serious shit. For starters, Mel B rocks!


quizzy week 

2007年10月22日(月) 23時28分
I have a really cool effective communication tutor. She is humorous, speaks really nice english, has a not too bad dress sense, and coolest part of all, she drives a yellow porsche! And most most coolest part of all, her car plate no is 911! Must be damn rich man.. She's a mother of 3 already lor! Me jen and byy are always very eager to ans qns in her class so as to sit in her porsche but guess that's impossible.. We can only take pictures outside her car.. but that's gd enough! Lots of quiz coming up and major exams are here! All the best~~~

Forgive is the best policy 

2007年10月18日(木) 14時42分
Hello Hello I shall blog today! Last wed, yuen yin came over to our room cos jen went home. We were super bored so we started playing scrabble. Halfway through, byy suggested making words with all the alphabets and all the words must be related to NTU or Anderson. We even thought of an essay for it. So here’s go…

We are all studying in engineering buildings. We hate lessons that end at 5.30pm. We love to visit the food court where we must line up to eat egg yolk. We had really sexy lecture mates who dressed as if they are the hall queens and cool goose who forgot to zip their pants. There are also wimp who deserve a beating. We love the library but we don’t like to study physics. That’s why we are always the last and might have to quit school. Our fellow hall mates like to play darts in the game room. The bat in our hall are tame and we have jug in our room. There’s a dive board in the SRC pool which is so high that you can die by diving in. We miss Anderson sec and the otah uncle. Yuen Yin says she miss the TAF there too. =X

It’s super lame and damn crappy but we were really high. So proud of ourselves lor. After dat start to talk abt secondary school days. Tried to recall all the incidents that happened from sec 1. Byy said dat she was super scared of me cos I was weird! I can be very quiet and suddenly very crazy so she doesn’t know what I was thinking. Cyy and me actually don’t like each other in the 1st place. I also forgot why. But she says after we start to get along we did tell each other abt this b4 so it was quite funny now that we r roommates. Still got the collect newspapers event and the class dance event which we fight with other classes (especially 2/4) cos we suspected they copy our moves! And the class politics and the scandalous relationships and the tickling and the lifting of skirts.. We laughed a lot cos we were really very childish back then. Actually it’s interesting to hear their side of the story. Opening up to each other was good cos it was all in the past. You won’t blame each other for what happen and instead will just laugh at it.

It’s really fun so we shall have a 2/3 gathering next time! Everything in the past is in the past. Forgive is the best policy! Looking forward to the next gathering! Cya!

Best of TVB 

2007年10月13日(土) 17時17分
The other day i was packing my things. And then i found one of my primary school notebooks. (FYI, 101 dalmation) I wrote in it when i was around P6 or P5 i think. I named the book "Hensley" after the cute guy in the book "Eenie Meanie Murphy No". Thats a story for another day...

For now, please tell me you've watched this show, and that you loved it as much as i did! And the song is so bloody good. Why? The guy who wrote it wrote alot of my classic Eason songs. I wrote the story in my notebook and the lyrics too. Super lame. I think there were tear stains. Ha. Go watch!


I think this is the TVB show that i cried most in. In my other favourite, Triumph in the skies, not so much.

must buy must buy must buy!!!



2007年09月08日(土) 4時57分
Did you recognise Gillian Chung's face on the hugeass Adidas ad in Orchard? I rode up and down a couple of times to look at it carefully. Though i no longer follow Twins as religiously as i used to, it was a defining moment to see a person i had adored/idolised in my adolescence, be blown up to this size in Sunny Singapore.

Just so you know, she is not just there for her pretty face. Her story goes like this:

"I was on my school's track and field team. Not blessed with inborn talent nor physique of a sportsperson, i had to work hard to make up for my shortcomings. I needed four strides to move another athlete's three. Before school, inbetween breaks, after school. Six years of such hard work.

My event is hurdles. It was six years before i won my first medal: a silver at hawgai (inter-school meet). My opponents tower over me. But the silver was firmly grasped in my sweaty palms. Six year of sweat is nothing. Impossible is nothing.

During my years as an entertainment artist, i've met many obstacles along the way. There is no stopping. There is no giving up. Overcoming each of these obstacles is like hurdling. Hard work is nothing. Impossible is nothing."

Although BoA's Nike campaign is slightly more visually appealing, due to its wise use of warm colour tones. GILLIAN CHUNG EH. Adidas = WIN. By the way, i've been listening to alot of Twins lately. They are reallyreally good. Okay, bye. See you soon (i hope). And if not soon, then take care, and please tell your friends about gillian chung when you pass by. Okay, bye, for real!

GC's lousiest fan.


2007年08月26日(日) 4時43分
Hello Pals. Everybody long time no blog. Anyways, i shall kick the dust now.

Okay, now everybody can go train their cantonese with this video. Take note that you should NOT follow Hebe's pronunciation, which is really really bad. It could be that Ella got the easier verse, so hers is close to perfection.

Of course. As with every other little thing in life. Since the last blog entries, many many things have happened. Some for good, some for worse, some for "idk-but-somewhat-between-the-state-of-good-and-bad".

If you've never slammed the low, how do you taste the high? You are loved, dont give up. Whatever it is, my ching yun moon, ngo ngoi nei dei. Even if you smile like that, with funky hair like that, and the brains to match. I mean it. Bye!

PS: This entry should be read in hongkong accent.



2007年07月10日(火) 0時54分
happy belated birthday Juliana and Yawen.

i cant wait for our get together at Eclectic Attic and kbox.
sumhow i don want skool to start even though iam kinda excited abt it.
i like hanging out with friens everyday.
jus walking arnd, cycling, talking abt everytg under the sun and of course not to forget coffee-ing.
it's always upsetting to hav to move on to a new environment.
u blend in so well and now it's time to bid farewell.
but yaa each time i hav to admit tt it jus gets better.
and u noe more great ppl but still, no one noes me better than u all do (:
sumtimes i really wonder how i survive without yrshjywk.
i've got to b one of the most irritating person.
always ranting, always harping abt the same issue.
cos i don noe whut else to do.
so yaa THANKS for tolerating me.

i like a bad dream by keane.
i like my coco mademoiselle.
there was no one right at the beginning.
illusion imagination as always, characteristic traits of Aquarius.

sing a song! 

2007年05月31日(木) 18時10分
Sry everyone! have not been blogging for so long. Now that juliana and yuanru have quitted their jobs, we can must meet up more often. The urge to karaoke is creeping up.. pLs list down ur free days here so it's easier to organise. Come this aug and we'll all be busy again so have to cherish the time now. I'm taking my driving test on the 14th. If i can pass, I will fetch my dad ard for the 1st week 1st. Once i pass his test, you all will be the 1st bunch of ppl i wanna fetch! So pray hard dat i can pass! Enjoy ur vesak holidays and may everything is going smoothly for all of us!


2007年05月30日(水) 1時55分
still raking my brain over the same issue.
the better vs the comparable.
one where i'll prob b more suited to the environment vs one where i'll most likely hav to adapt.
where i noe i'll hav more ppl who i can fall back on vs one where i'll hav less.
the shorter tougher route to getting ur honours vs the longer u-prove-tt-u-r-up-to-it route.

iam such a procrastinator.
i don want to regret whutever choice i made.
and kipp tinking the grass is greener on the other side.
i can nv b contented.
everytime i move a step forward, it seems like the next minute i move ten steps back.
i tink i need 12345 days more to tink.
haha. feel like cursing.
praying hard tt there'll b sum indication in my dreams tonite or sumtink!

meetup soon!



2007年05月26日(土) 23時24分
haa it's weird how i talk to everyone totally at ease but when it cums to him iam like totally different.
like want to talk but don dare to.
talk rediz tot my heart gonna jump out of my ribcage.
till now iam still very much in a dilemma. and 4th june isnt any far.
whoever up there pls help me!


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