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August 03 [Mon], 2015, 17:11
Liverpool star Steven Gerrard yesterday announced the official quit England, Steven Gerrard for a total of three lions effect for 14 years, played 114 times historic third column. Because of repeated fatal mistake in the contest, indirectly leading to poor record in England, Gerrard how much it hurts the feelings of the fans in England, so that in the present of the sad parting, many of the Three Lions fans, but the harvest of the four good laugh. Return emperor gone, the defense can relax one of three stunt football, "Gerrard back pass," the official mission accomplished, Jiajierka Cahill can finally packed up their nervous heart. Worked in England for 14 years, Steven Gerrard return to focus for 14 years, in addition to the Brazilian World Cup headed back pass Suarez, Gerrard Henry also assists manufacturing penalty in 2004 for the French team to complete reversal. Now this "return guru" only put all my energy into the pit Liverpool bodies. Man walked back pot, more harmonious atmosphere of public opinion Gerrard England fans often make mistakes intolerable, once poor team performance, good from the black British media put Jay team brought back the pot when Xia, England have every contest To be outside cynicism, usually I had not gone lost. "Three Cats Legion", "Europe of the Chinese team," England are the latest synonymous. Yesterday said Gerald Rooney most appropriate when the captain, the subtext is actually best suited --- Rooney back pot. Old bench is gone, the young people of the upper double "moral" problem in England over the past decade the most headaches, despite Eriksson, McLaren are helpless or Capello, Gerrard quit now make this problem not attack since the break. In addition to Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard also let Carrick, Parker will wear once to the bench, and now Wilshere, Henderson finally looked forward to the host time. Great Shuaishen gone, the British economy has saved Gerrard mistake not just to England eliminated so simple, he even let huge losses throughout the UK economy
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