After killing the Blue Moon finally climb into averaging 2.96 goals dominate Europe

May 09 [Sat], 2015, 22:44
Information Times Arsenal drop points this round of the accident, the summit gave Manchester City a great opportunity. Yesterday morning, a guest at White Hart Lane in the Blue Moon has not been any resistance Tottenham, abruptly put an original interpretation of the giants duel became incredible carnage, 5:1! Pellegrini's team in the Premier League season, Tottenham completed a double play big score (6-0 at home), while the Gunners beyond 1 minute, successfully boarded the Premier League championship. Perhaps the Gunners fans also believe that luck, be able to help Arsenal after Spurs still occupy the first position round standings, after White Hart Lane is also regarded as the devil at home. However, the Gunners fans all illusions are with the process of competition and rapid burst, you know, the state of fiery Manchester City can overcome even the Allianz Arena, not to mention the White Hart Lane. Spurs home game from beginning to end in a full range of passive, such despair and frustration generated by the passive like Al Ittihad Stadium in the first leg as the same. Manchester City attack horror of that attack point spread, people are very hard, Aguero, Yaya Toure, Dzeko, Vidic, Compagni each into a ball, Manchester City easily completed a killing , the number one team in the big kill even one minute Negredo did on. Break Tottenham goal two games 11 times, not to mention the Premiership, even if the whole world in there Which giants say he can do? You know, this year, but the Spurs spent £ 100 million to reinforce the squad, even so, in front of the Blue Moon also as fragile as papered. As of the end of the current round of Premier League, Blue Moon in 23 games he scored a total of 68 goals, averaging 2.96 goals scored, ahead of second place Liverpool 57 goals. Of course, this data is not only ranks first among the English Premier League, is in the entire Europe, this achievement is Toshio disdain
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