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We just gonna ignore the fact that that's flea from the red hot chilli peppers at 1:07.

Now I'm forced to focus on myself... I love it.

I am not black but I cried so hard during this movie...I have been her so many times, feeling like no matter how hard I try I am never enough for my parents, boyfriends, bosses, friends. Society is SOOO hard on women, it is horrible. We have to be strong but not overpowering, pretty but approachable, smart but not a know it all, sexy but not slutty. Compared to men we have to deal with being taken for granted or just plain ignored. I have wanted to shave my head simply to feel a little more in control of my life, maybe one day when I have really had enough I will. For now I will just keep crying and dancing in front of the mirror!.

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OMFG Lincoln I thought Pike shot you!!😱😱😢


Shiddd my hair is still a second job now that I’ve been natural😂😂.

Omg!!!!!! Sanaa is absolutely gorgeous bald!!!!!

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Wow this looks AH-MAZ-INH

I think I have seen this trailer at least 1000 times

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Read the book & love the story. Can't wait to watch the movie. Can't wait to see Henry💕

3 aussies all with american accents 😂
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The movie was good. However, the ending left me hanging. The barber was so sexy, and I adored how he saw the standard of beauty. I was disappointed in the ending because I was hoping to see more of them. Nevertheless, I guess they were expressing her needing no one to validate her. I was emotional when they showed the backstory of her not getting her hair wet. This was me in gym and at the beach as child. It's not my problem anymore, 3yrs naturally nappily ever after..

I'm in tears, I need to see this NOW
The movie was not worth the hype. After watching this movie I can tell the movie was produced by someone that knows nothing about black hair. Haifaa al-Mansour (a non black woman) is the director of this movie so that explains everything, It was poorly executed, overdramatized and made black women look weak and straight up dumb. This movie was far from empowering. I respect any black women for going natural and embracing their natural hair but this movie had nothing to do with that lol. SPOILER ALERT : She shaved her head in a drunken rage, not because of any new found confidence. The messed up part was the fact that she was already natural to begin with! It would have made more sense to have her shave her head out of frustration from wearing a relaxer and wearing wigs to going natural and embracing her new found confidence. It took a man (a broke one at that with baby mama drama) to help her find that confidence and even that didn't seem like enough. The ending was left open-ended and viewers were left wondering whether she chose the man with the baby mama drama or the doctor who she was engaged with. The take away message was that when you wear your natural hair as a black woman you attract low quality men and to get a high quality man you have to straighten your hair. All of this is a load of bull but this is what these people are projecting on to the black community poising the minds of impressionable lost and confused woman. Another issue I have is the fact that there seem to be very few women with locs represented in the media despite the fact that locs is another natural hairstyle that black women can have. Women with locs are never mentioned in mainstream media when it comes to the topic of natural hair, yet It's the only style wear black women can grow long natural hair down their back without having to straighten it, but the media refuses to show women with hair like that. Imagine if most black women had long natural locs like the black girl group Chloe and Halle; you really think they would be sitting around wishing their hair would be long and straight or worrying about hair turning frizzy? Hell no..


I dont wanna offend but I have a question. In the place where i live i see a few black woman everyday (my town is pretty small)... Have all (or most of them) black woman black and curly hairs naturally?.
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This movie was very emotional and pretty sad to see how religion can be used for such horrible purpose. I keep wondering what happened to the girl. Those of you who saw the movie, there was a girl who was taken to another location due to her SINS but we never got to see it hear anything from her after the end when he sees her outside the church where they were beating the guy before he ended his life. I thought she was an essential part of the movie but it never got develop..

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“You could sponsor six kids with that money your spending on your hair.” That got me
Who Sanaa Lathan really went with the big chop! Impressive!
My biggest fear if I come out to my parents. I hate it when people say I chose this. Why would I ever choose this?! A lot of us hate ourselves at first. Very few realize they’re LGBT and are happy at first, especially if we’re religious. I was scared and angry and sad. I’ve tried to accept it but sometimes I still am..





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