2009年02月18日(水) 14時09分
i was sick during last week.
i had not been sick for a year until then.
its amazing!haha
i was sooooo exhausted.
im feeling better now, so there's nothing to worry about it.

i wanna have a car cuz my bf might not be able to keep his car next semester.
oh boy... he definitely cant have it!!! i know that. i know...
so i wanna take care of it, but i don kno...
i gotta ask my parents, actually my mom(haha), about it.
i dont think she says okay.
definitely i guess so.
she is kind of too much nervous. she is worrier.
im already 20 mom!!!haha
nd i will be 21 this year!!!

i dont wanna write my paper....
yea, u know, i just wanna say that.haha

i know time goes fast.... always it does.
that makes me nervous or depressed.
i just wanna complain about my life!!!haha

u see?
he hasnt come back yet.
he said he would be back in 30 minutes.
he always keeps me waiting.
im SICK of that!!!!!!
i hate it!!!!

time goes fast 

2009年02月03日(火) 1時53分
i moved to new college this semester.
i had good winter break.
i didnt like my preveous college, but i miss it.
actually, i miss my exroommate and life with her.

i still dont know if this decision is right or not.
but im happy now.
my life is filled.
some troubles occur, but its okay.
we go with it. we can make it.

two more weeks 

2008年11月13日(木) 13時05分
i have two more weeks till final exams!
i cant believe it!
time goes so fast...

btw, i filled out housing form and financial statement whatever yesterday.
nd i sent it today!
i told my mom about my transfer on the phone.
she was like doubtful you know.
anyway, i made my decision so that it should be fine.

i cant wait winter break!
okay, all of things around me will be fine. i believe it.

i have three finals at the same day.
that makes me sick!!!! sucks....ugh!

oh, i was so messed up cuz i have only two weeks for winter break.
nd i have to pack cuz i move.
its gonna be busy at the end of this semester.


2008年10月30日(木) 2時12分
its fuckin freezing!!!!!!
i cant believe this!!!!
its still October though....
i hate snowing.

im so sleepy cuz i woke up @730 ish in the morning.
to study u know.
i have an exam tomorrow.
i was so pissed off.
there were some people infront of the dorm,
and one guy threw a snow ball to me even though i dont know him!!!
i was like what the fuck!?
anyway, it should not be like this weather at this time.


2008年10月28日(火) 2時54分
im boreeeeeeeeed.
no, i have a bunch of stuff that i have to do.
yea i know.....

i gotta go to the post office and health center.
but its freezing today u know.
i.... really dont wanna go outside. haha

i have to prepare for the next exam that is coming this thursday.
Psychology exam.
i should get an A grade on it.
cuz my mid term grade was C.
hmm... i have to turn in two more journals.
then i can gain some points.

anyway, i HAVE TO STUDY.
i know i know!!!!
but......u know, haha....
im very reluctant to do anything.

well, im sleepy.
thats it.


2008年09月11日(木) 7時19分
im sooooo busy.
nd economics is so boring.
accounting is really interesting.
psychology is......kind of hard.
cuz i have to memorize alot of stuff.
i have first psyc exam next tuesday.

i wish a took marketing class eve it starts at 8:00am....

i have to write essay to apply another college.
but i dont have enough time....
deadline will come soon.....
i wanna sleep... so sleepy.
i have two classes.
im so tired of them. haha


2008年09月07日(日) 10時19分
its awsome!!!!!
he is soooo cooool!!!!
i love him. lol
galileo, japanese drama, is based on books which were written by Keigo.
i love his books.
so i know the story of the drama, but the acter is so nice and cool.
i love it!!
btw, i will go shopping tomorrow.
im excited! yay!!
i have to buy some daily essentials.
i need to go to wal-mart!!!lol
i chatted with aki on the messenger yesterday, and she said
she gives me her microwave and fridge!!!
im so happy!!!!
cuz im looking for a microwave----
love ya, aki<33

well, i listed up what i should buy tomorrow. lol
i cant wait to go with jap buddies!!
BUT i have to study today....
cuz i think i dont have enough time to study tomorrow.....
i have to start writing a journal for my psyc class. and also some reading.
i dont wanna do that kind of things!!!! lol
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