2004年10月11日(月) 9時44分
my life become so boring for few days. i don't know i become really lazy. sleep at 6am in the morning then wake up 1pm afternoon. i didn't do anything on my weekend, unbelievable but it's happend. hmm... i just hope that i'm not gonna be bored today and so on. i just wondering what happend to L right now, i try to contact her, but I cant. Don't know why. Just hoping that she gonna contact me soon... ok then i'll see you later...

it's me again... 

2004年10月07日(木) 15時11分
hai it's me again, gonna write my diary. i didn't use internet for few days, that's why i can't write my diary. btw how's everyone??? hahaha....
I don't kow why i got sick for few last days. being very very lazy more than usual (that's mean i usualy lazy). i don't know what happend actually. hmm... but last night i really happy because i know how to do the practical exercises. i did by myself, that's why im so proud by myself. today i bought ticket to Indonesia, i'm going back soon. miss my family so much... i'm going aroun 14 november and come back around 24 february, so L you have to arrange your time to come back here as well. hehehe... i have night class tonight, so i will come back home late as usual. i've send pics to L. i hope that L will send me pics too, lots of them. Hehehe... Pretty and sexy girls please...

sorry... busy because movie 

2004年10月01日(金) 15時53分
hmm... I've missed writing diary for few days I think because I didn't go to uni and use the internet. The reason is, I was too busy going out to watch movie.
Yesterday night I watched Alien VS Predator with my friend and her brother (if L still remember, she is Shun's class mate). The film really nice and lots of suprise. For me it wasn't scary but for my friend, yes, it was. Hahaha...
Today I went to movie again, watched You Got Served. It was really cool and I'm really really really like it so much... Lots of dance moves. It just hot and cool, mixed together. Woaaa... I wanna get the DVD when it's out. I really hate Australia you know. The movie already out in USA around January 2004 and Australia just wanna come out, how stupid it is? Hmm... I supposed to get the pirated one. Whatever, I already watch it. Hihihi... L you must watch that one. Really cool...
And now, I'm looking foward to watch the Wimbledon, maybe tomorrow or Sunday. Busy because of Movies.
Oh yeah, tomorrow night, myself, Shun, and his wife will go to Milton cafe, but we will have dinner outside first. I really wanna see his wife face.
I bought a new "thing" (I don't know what it is call) for my necklace. I haven't take the picture, but I will. It really cool, that's why I want to buy it. It's not look really cheap, but it's not cheap and not expensive.
Hmm.. I'm doing my assignment right now, so I'll continue then. See you tomorrow my diary...

busy... but happy 

2004年09月29日(水) 13時24分
finally, i got my visa extended. Huhhh... take long time to get it.

This morning i went to immigration to get that visa, then i'm trying to book ticket to go back to indonesia. I miss my home... I'll be back around 25 February. Yeah, i got 3 months holiday... 2 months full holiday. Hmm... i want to eat everything, i'll be fat when i come back here. Wuahaha...
Hmm... I just came to uni just for type today's diary. I need to go back home because I need to do my laundry. Hehehe... So see you later...

i have to come back... 

2004年09月28日(火) 13時23分
I have to come back to myself right now, i can't stand with this situation anymore. I have to be tough... Hmm... Yesterday I went to movie for refreshing, watch Harold and Kumar. Like kind of stupid movie I think. Hehehe... I was really happy yesterday because last night L called me and made me happy. Hahaha...
Today I ate lunch at The Green Tea Garden, near my uni. I ate fish nuggets and rice. it's quite nice. Hmm... Now I'm at uni, still looking for pictures that my L sent to me (maybe!?). I don't know the link to the picture page. Oh yeah I took Shunsuke picture for my L, maybe L miss him as well. Hahaha...
Ok then, I'm waiting for my L to chat with me after she finished her class. Btw, when I saw L timetable, I just surprised and think that I'm not be able to study at Japan, because I'm LAZY.

today's really bad 

2004年09月27日(月) 13時41分
today's a really bad day forme. My feeling just became really2 bad and terrible. Don't know why. Now, i really like to punch and kick someone, at least something. I don't want to smoke or drink. I really wannam say F**K YOU in front of my brother. He ave me trouble so much. Whatever... Sorry L... I hope you don't mind if I write my angryness in this diary as well.
Testerday night I'm feel really tired because of thinking about my brother and I couldn't sleep as well, until L reply my message and told me that I should go to bed and sleep. Hmm... thank's L. And I want to say sorry to L because last night when she call me, I already sleep. but that's good because I better not to talk to L when I'm angry, I don't want to hurt L.
I hope that L can understand about that, and I believe she did, because she knows me quite well.
I have to do something right now to make my feeling better. Any suggestion? I'm just gonna try to watch movie then. Hmm... I'll write tommorow what i did.
Oh yeah the surprise one that L heard from me is I ate 6 pieces of chicken drumsticks by myself. Hehehe... YUMMY!!!
See you diary!!!

:( VS :) 

2004年09月26日(日) 12時29分
Sorry yesterday i forgot to write my diary again because i'm not feel very good. I got some problem with my brother. Hmm... Today my feeling still not really good. I already had lunch today, i had New York Fries. I don't feel so nice while eating because my own feeling is bad. I skip church today. I have nothing much that i can do today. LAZY... DAY...

I'm happy, my L is back... 

2004年09月24日(金) 12時33分
Haiii.... Forgot to write diary yesterday!!!
This afternoon I got phone call from my L saying that she already at home, I don't knowwhy I feel much better,but actually I still can't see her. Hmm... that's about feeling, who knows???
Yesterday there were nothing interesting that i have done. Only study and attend class. Oh yeah, there was an accident with the train to Auchenflower, so I have to walk to bus stop, and take bus, then climb the street to Auchenflower (L undestands what I said, right?)
Abou today, the one that i did are collect my translation birth certificate and having lunch at McDonald!!! That's all. I'll continue my diary later on. I'm gonna send picas to my L email right now. See you...

she is gone for while... 

2004年09月22日(水) 15時58分
I'm really dissapointed with myself today because I missed a class that I have to come.
Today N***I is gone. She has camp somewhere for her seminar thing. She has to study hard for three days. But I'll support her. I'm not gonna be sad because of that.
I ate a proper meal for my lunch as she told me to. Hihihi... (She doesn't want me to eat fast food)!!!
I have chat with my L before she went to camp. It was really fun... But actually I'm not feeling very well when I was chatting with her. I don't want to tell her because it's gonna make her worry about me.
I'm gonna try to do some of my assignment right now. And I'll continue my diary later... See you...

Lazy day... 

2004年09月21日(火) 13時12分
Yesterday I forgot to write diary because I went to watch Shark Tale. I wanted to go back to uni, but it was raining, so i just went back home. The film is quite nice though, but Shrek 1 & 2 are better, especially the Shrek 2, awesome... L, you have to watch that one.
Last night I couldn't sleep very weel, so I just playing game and eating some snack.
I got pictures for that and I put at my L's email.
Today I missed my class and it's an accidentally missed!!! But I usualy miss that class, so it's alright. Hehehe...
I'm feel sad for my L because she got sick. Before she went back to Japan, I was the one who get sick. Is this telling us that if i got something, my L gonna get it as well??? Hehehe... Whatever!!!
Right now I'm in uni, wanna do some assignment. I'm gonna stay until late.
Oh yeah, I wanna thank to L because she want to keep her Aussie mobile phone just because of me. Hehehe... Thank's L!!!
I'm really2 happy right now, because I just chat with my L before I wrote this one. Hoping that I can chat with her always...
But I'm feel sad as well because she will go camp for three days. Actually I can't see her anyway, but It's just feeling, you know. Hmm... But the important thng is, she will come back here. Yeah...
Wait for my next diary, OK???
See you...
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