Trampolina wody to zabawna i ekscytujcych

September 22 [Sun], 2013, 16:46

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Trampolina wody to zabawna i ekscytujcych zabawki nadmuchiwane wody, ktre bd korzysta przez kadego czonka rodziny. Trampolina wody przypomina tradycyjne trampolinie, chyba e jest zbudowany z materiaw, ktre float na wody. S to idealny do lakeside domw lub dowolny obszar z odpowiedni ilo wody do hopping zabawy. They clearly don't know how to serve drinks! The spa was full when we arrived, we never have been able to use it. No activities were proposed on a Friday night!! How can it be possible? On friday night also, the two restaurant additionally to the buffet one were closed! How could it be possible?As a summary, I would never recommend this hotel to nobody and sincerly I don't understand how it could have a 5 stars classification. We will really appreciate your confidence vote in your next visit to Cuba, we assure you that you will be received with the excellence has always distinguished us.

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