Shoes with a high heel

November 14 [Wed], 2018, 10:47
If you’re afraid that you’re too curvy to wear skinny jeans, try wearing them with a high heeled or platform shoe. These jeans are supposed to give the illusion of slim legs so don’t disillusion yourself and buy a size that’s too small. Ballerina flats are also a good choice for the extra those of you who are taller.
Since skinny jeans are so form fitting, wearing them with shirts that are too tight or short can make you look disproportioned. This does not mean it’s necessary to have them so tight that they literally become another layer of skin. Footwear: For those of you who are a little on the shorter side, try tucking your skinny jeans into a pair of sexy high heeled boots for some added height. The boots and the heal will work together to elongate your leg.
. Comfort: Nothing makes you look better than your own self confidence. This style jean looks best with shirts that are longer and flowing.
Tops: Unless you’re super model slim it’s best to stay away from tight tops that end at or around your waist. Shoes with a high heel will elongate your leg and create a slimmer look. If you want to keep a sophisticated look, try wearing a pair of pointed-toe flats with your skinny jeans. There are several styles to choose from so find the pair that you’re the most comfortable in. Try to pair your new jeans with longer flowing tops like tunics and over sized t-shirts.Fit:Tight jeans are mean to be fitted and have the appearance of hugging your leg. If your extremely tall and don’t want to deal with the added inches of a high heal go with a flat. If you buylow rise designer jeans that are too tight, you may find that they work against your body, puckering out in the entire wrong place. You want to be able to zipper them and sit down without a problem. Flats are all over this season so your options are pretty open.
Color: While skinny jeans come in several shades, it’s best to choose a pair in a dark blue or black shade. When you purchase your skinny jeans, it’s important to buy a pair that is fitted but comfortable. Even if you look great, if you’re not confident in this particular style of jeans its okay. The darker color skinny jeans are a popular choice because LED G9 Light Manufacturers they tend to flatter a wider variety of body types and can help create a slimmer appearance. Make sure that you’re comfortable in your new skinny jeans.
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