Many people lack the ability

October 25 [Thu], 2018, 10:39
There is this, light infantry behaviour button, which makes your skirmishers get in loose formation and crouch a bit. Because tight corridors, close range shooting, these are factors who contributes to making avoiding a melee fight harder. Line infantries might aswell be infantry still but way different than how they are commanded, than light infantries. Also that yo can only do it once in every battle which means you have to be careful where you use it.
Accordingly, we have learned that we should not be picking cliff regions or river crossings or letting our skirmishers stay in cities to defend in case any enemy force besieges the city. So we are going to be careful about not fighting in areas with lots of cliffs, or river crossings and such. You do not need to stay behind things to cover, but your infantry can crouch! They also scatter around to decrease the incoming fire efficiency. The skirmishers can deploy stakes so that they can block incoming cavalry charge.
. Use them well. They have longer range, so practically, they can kill all the enemy without getting hurt. You could use square formation for line infantries, however you need to know what light infantries do exactly, so that you may be able to use them with full efficiency.

Many people lack the ability of seeing how light infantries are useful. This, tactic of deploying stakes, prevents the 90 of the cavalry from breaking through and reaching the skirmishers. We need large space in order to scatter our infantry so that they can fire all their muskets and make effective attack. So it is a good way to make the enemy cavalry crush into these stakes, to kill them. Light infantries have a couple of options in their panel. However, you need some time to deploy these stakes, set them on the ground. However, light infantries are not only good in those, but it can be said, anything as long as it is firing they do, not fighting close, knee to knee. Some time and free space to do it. This is the main tactic of fighting with light infantries.
They need to fire, and retreat, keep the distance. Because this ability, grants cover from missile attacks in any way. Some use them in skirmishing ways, some use them in flanking. This means what? This means that we need even MORE space.Now we got how to fight with line infantries, let us continue with quick summary of what it was. So let us see how you should fight with an army that consists of twenty units of light infantry, which are also called, skirmishers. This means we will not even be able to use light infantry in defence of LED G4 Light cities. They are skirmishers after all. And keeping in mind that we used to need large space for line infantries in order to scatter them well enough to let them use all their muskets, as light infantries are, in any means, extreme musketeers, we need even more space.

There is another ability, which is also useful of course, and can be used both in city defences, or land battles. So, just like line infantries, you still do need large space to manoeuvre light infantries.
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