June 13 [Tue], 2006, 17:44
Hi! I'm will yumas best friend in England! Im on fire Argh!! it burns! the Pain! yes... Yuma is crazy! Loobs is silly, and Marc eats shoes. www.emotiveart.net www.stuffsucks.com Mr Allan eats gammon!


June 09 [Fri], 2006, 18:40
how did u know my blog thingie kujiracchi!?? hello lol


June 05 [Mon], 2006, 22:29
i hav got no money!!!!!! gotta ask mommy if im allowed to go this time cry cry lol

omg im goin to do baton thingie from umecha-n!!!!

見た人は全員やること! 絶対だから!嘘つきはだめ! …らしいよ。ok!!


spikie please!!! long hair ... tom is only person to b allowed to have long hair!lol

face? pretty boy just like marc xx lol

not fatty please...

taller and taller!!! im short but i love tall people!!

black!!!!! i like people wearin bench yea its so cool!! and also a bit goth?lol my favourite jumper is the stripe jumper!!lol

i don care if he could manage to feed me...lol

kind plus a bit koakuma---------!!!!lol japanese?lol

older than me...but i don care to b honest.


talk with mexxx

igunore bein honey!!!!lol

i cant remember...

pretty boy!!!!

crazy kidos


甘えるtype desuuu

尽くすtype desuuu i know im silly////

嫉妬するtype desuuuuu mecchakucha desune haha teka nande nihongo??lol i should learn some more english before i go home even i go ome soon!

come on unnme-no hito !!!!! tte daredayo!!!!lol


June 05 [Mon], 2006, 22:11
i went to CORNWALL and LIVERPOOL yay!!!

then.......when is chu-kan tesutoooo??????
and hows insen!?!?!?!?!? and aoso hassetsu sinsa!?!?
i think i missed too much things.....


May 26 [Fri], 2006, 16:49
kujiracchi sounds soo lovelyxxxxx
do u like jack??
the nightmare before christmas-----------!!!!!!

im no emo bt luv themxxx



May 25 [Thu], 2006, 17:21
弓引きテ- wow its funny lol i want to ply tennis as wll!!!!!!


May 24 [Wed], 2006, 16:35
u bitch!!!hahaa
iv got japanese exam today its so funny something like.....transrate into kanji this hiragana or lol

senpai datte----!!!!!! suge- yumasenpai daze guaa!!!!

tell me!!!!

May 22 [Mon], 2006, 22:05
what is the name of........."Ethopian people"!?!?!?!?
i can remember kebebe, but cnt remember her dads name!!!
what was it!?!?!?


May 22 [Mon], 2006, 21:44
pyoooooo everyones there in jokers blog cutie 117 kids!!!!! heya u guys im lookin forword to seenin u soon luv yumaxx.......does anyone know me!??!? im not pretty sure omg !!!!!!!


May 22 [Mon], 2006, 21:15
hiya u k!?!?is that kurichans speakin!?!?im goin back soon yea bt im no tellin u haha someone told me u not goin back to japan!?!?so it wasnt right u come back to japan yea? o u enjoyed me blog well i don think its tht nice ones cos of my language and first of all cnt remember what i put in for each article hehe im no very gd at memorise u knw lol
anyway how did u find my blog then? hav ya got msn? mine>>>yun_dog6xx_yun@hotmail.co.jp add me!!!hav u got myspace???i assumed uve got one....did u see miki' myspace!?!? its sooo cute mines linked somewhere below this page....
r u enjoin ur life in america!?!? i luv here to stay....yea i know its bit borin than tokyo cos here isnt very city, near birmingham which is second biggest city in england but still not very city!!!! i want to live here with my age 18 and car!!!!!!
im stayin 6th form which is age 16-17 that a year above and i prefer here cos english kids are not good at studyin at all haha even me could manage to get an A for my maths exam which is the bbest grade in tht exam, i couldnt believe it!!!!
wanna hear from u bout america!!! u speak american don u!?!? i speak english yay!!!!u should spell some words properly k!?lol like colour or favourite!!!!!lol

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