Children should be wearing Foakleys sunglasses

April 28 [Sun], 2013, 12:20
The play is a child's nature, they spend most of the day to play outdoors. It is reported that excessive exposure to the sun child's eyes are harmful. Some experts even believe that before the age of 18, more than half of the accumulated lifetime exposure to UV radiation. UV radiation is closely related to the eyes, cataracts and other eye diseases. Therefore, in essence, is conducive to children's sunglasses to prevent the UV rays of the sun 100% of the children.Foakleys Sunglasses are helpful for children, wearing sunglasses, kids can safely destroyed (HEV) high-energy visible light, blue light. The same high-energy ultraviolet light, visible light (HEV), the light can cause a great threat to the lens of the eye over time, especially in macular degeneration later in life. And in some cases, such as at high altitudes in tropical and highly reflective environment, children are exposed to ultraviolet light increases. In short, no matter from which point of view, children should be wearing sunglasses. welcome to order Foakleys for sale.