Let me tell you the import and export trend of China zipper in recent five years

October 17 [Mon], 2016, 17:18
Over the past five years, Chinese zipper import and export in a range of stable operation, especially in the zipper exports maintained a growth trend of the one hand reflects the Chinese zipper industry has a solid industrial base, the zipper enterprises should be more confident in the development of the industry, on one hand, the zipper enterprise under the new economic normal bear the impact of the global market,metal zipper manufacturers with an important opportunity for industrial transformation and upgrading of the zipper enterprises, grasp the market dynamics, to a new location and set up the new pattern of market competitive advantage.

From nearly five years of zipper products import and export situation, in 2015 the import and export of zipper has negative growth compared to 2014, up slightly by 0.7%, the first half of 2016 from the zipper import and export data, 2016 1-6 month zipper import and export $632 million, an increase of 0.64% micro, the estimated annual import and export will keep a level of zipper and in 2015.

From the export situation of zipper products for nearly five years, the zipper exports to achieve a relatively stable growth, but the growth rate gradually slowed down, exports increased from 20% in 2013, down slightly growth for 2015 of 0.9%, reflecting weak demand in the international market in recent years and the metal zipper suppliers transformation of the global industrial pressure intensified market competition. Zipper enterprise production and management situation is affected by the global economic environment have entered a period of adjustment. The depth of the transition from the first half of 2016 exports zipper data, 2016 1-6 month zipper exports $500 million, a slight increase compared to achieve 3.16%, expected 2016 full year 2015 annual exports and zipper zipper exports remained flat or slightly increased.

Summary of the First Three Quarters of China Zipper-Fujian

October 17 [Mon], 2016, 17:12
Confidence is power. Fujian Zipper Chamber of Commerce focused on the innovation, helped the enterprises reduce the cost of production and increase the inventory in the First Three Quarters. Through organizing the enterprises to learn zipper slider manufacturer something and holding a variety of lectures for the companys, it furtherly cleared the ideas, and got the way to promote the development of Chamber of Commerce.

It mainly focused on the innovation and built a trading network platform for Fujian auxiliary materials, then paid attention to the plastic zipper wholesale invention and creation of the companys so as to increase the number of patent applications in the zipper industry in Fujian Province. It also focused on the marketing, giving good service, especially building a cooperation relationship with the good customers.

Summary of the First Three Quarters of China Zipper-Wenzhou

October 17 [Mon], 2016, 17:09
The output of Wenzhou zipper industry fell by about 3% from January to May this year. Wenzhou zipper industry has three advantages: first, the proportion of some special zippers in the shoes and clothes industry becomes bigger and bigger. The market of the gold-plated teeth resin zippers, waterproof zippers, and so on are nylon zipper wholesale gradually expanding. Some big zipper companys get more and more orders, on the contrary, some small companys are almost closed . Second, some companys have better equipments for high efficient working and own superior market. Third, Wenzhou is a traditional light industrial city. It is estimated that the output of shoes, clothing, bags and travel goods in Wenzhou is around 1600-1800 billion every year. This increases the demand of the zippers directly or indirectly. However, there are several shortcomings regarding to Wenzhou zipper industry. First, companys’ management is relatively weak, and the price is still a problem which will influence the development of the company. Second, zipper slider manufacturer low brand influence and lack of professional personnels affect the promotion of the innovation and the product quality. Third, it is difficult to bring and cultivate professional personnels.

Good quality zipper

September 20 [Tue], 2016, 15:01
In China zipper industry, only having good and stable zipper quality can enterprises have advantage in the fiercely competitive market. Only often keeping thinking and doing on improving the quality of the zipper can the enterprises win customers support and trust. These ways let enterprises develop faster and better. Excellent quality is the most important thing to the product of a enterprise. The enterprise which owns certain scale, on the one hand, is mostly because of its stable and good quality zipper, and metal zipper manufacturers this is much attractive to customers. On the other hand, enterprise pays much attention to the production processes and technology or even to every link, or has some other advantages which other manufacturers do not have, so it will also attract more customers. Good products must be made with many different steps strictly. However, as industrial products, there is a product standard. In order to make good products and sell actively in the market, the zipper industry must have a standard related to the zipper production. Standard is just like a law to regulate the market economy. It is the basis to measure whether it is a good product or not. It is a way to help enterprise improve its product competitiveness and lead to the products go to the international market.

In fact, China zipper industry has been working on using a variety of ways to guide and help enterprises improve their product quality, create brands in the field of zipper. For example, giving evaluation to the China's top ten brands zipper to promote enterprises’ positivity on buliding their brands; organizing main zipper enterprises, experts and relevant departments to develop and implement the standard of metal zipper, nylon zipper and resin zipper which is from the People's Republic of China Industry Standard, then help to improve the product quality and market competitiveness. Local zipper associations also metal zipper suppliers try actively to give some ideas to improve product quality. For example: organizing the training to raise zipper professionals and improve the professional technology of making zipper; organizing experts to create new local zipper standard, set up product quality inspection center and promote the product quality from different aspects, etc. These measures, to a great extent, will enhance the overall product quality and the market competitiveness in the China zipper industry.

Hanfong new energy in 119th canton fair

May 03 [Tue], 2016, 16:58
Canton Fair 2016 also called The 119th China Import and Export Fair, it is the biggest biannual business fairs held in Guangzhou city. It is the most effective way to develop the business relationships and find business opportunity.
Hanfong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional charge controller suppliers. Provide GEL/AGM battery, power inverter and solar controller. We also can provide full solar system solution for our customer. And our company take part in this biggest fair in China. the booth is 10.3 M01-02. In the fair we had meet much client from all over the world.

And our inverter and solar controller suppliers gain very good reputation.

In the new year we developed some new product include CPU control inverter and new pure sine wave inverter. About controller we launched our MPPT solar controller.

In the fair we This fair made Hanfong Tech a great success.

Choosing The Right Countertop For Your Kitchen

April 27 [Wed], 2016, 17:13
One of the most important aspect of kitchen remodel is kitchen countertop. So selecting the right countertop is a big decision as it contribute to the design tone of the room.

Laminate and Solid Surface: It is one of the best bargains in the kitchen and are available in a variety of colors and patterns making it easy to match the countertop to the rest of the kitchen décor. Laminate can be fabricated on site or in the installer’s shop, and it is highly stain-resistant, easy to maintain and, with care, will last for many years.

Wood and Bamboo: The countertops which have a homey feel and take wear and tear gracefully is wood countertop. Teak, oak, maple and cherry are the popular varieties of woods used for kitchen countertops. It is made of a renewable fiber, it is a good option for the eco-conscious consumer. The market for bamboo countertops have been expanding from past 4 to 5 years.

Stone: Marble and granite are some stone which are most popular choice for a kitchen worktop. They are not only durable and attractive, but also increase the value of your home. Granite accounted for about 15 percent of countertops in new homes in 2001 but jumped to 48 percent by 2008, according to the National Association of Home Builders Research Center. Quartz is another option costing around same as granite or marble.

Stainless steel: Another good kitchen counter option is stainless steel and most commercial kitchens have them as they are highly durable, stain and heat resistant. Being non porous, such surfaces are also hygienic and easier to keep clean. You can prevent early defacement by opting for textured or brushed finish countertops.

Tile and Concrete: Though they are different both tile and concrete offer unrivaled design flexibility. Concrete comes in just about any color imaginable, and can be molded into any size and shape. Concrete kitchen countertops can cost more than granite per square foot. Tile can't be manipulated as easily, but mixing colors and textures can produce striking countertops. Ceramic tile is highly heat- and stain-resistant, and damaged tiles can be replaced.

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The peak power between inverter and application

April 19 [Tue], 2016, 10:50
How to determine the application peak power need 3 times or 7 times? Actually it is not hard to determine. no-load working is 3 times full loading working is 7 times. Hence, how much is the peak power, we can depend on the loading degree to judge. Such as the electric hand drill, we always punching under the no load condition. So we can count with 4 times peak power (actually it is 3 times, the more 1 is margin), 500w electric hand drill, 4 times peak power is 2000w, we choose 1000w inverter will be no problem.

Other electromotor application is the same way. Such as air-condition, it is pure inductive application. The starting peak power is very huge. Cause every time when compressor stared the electromotor is on full load working. We can deem its starting peak power is 7 times. 1000w air-condition, peak power is 7000w, inverter is 2 times peak power. 7000 divide 2 is 3500w. it means 1000w air-condition need use 3500w inverter to drive. at present air-condition equip with transducer in general. We can count with 4 times, 1000w air-condition, peak power is 4000w, should match 2000w inverter can work stable and safety. So, use 1000w air-condition we can choose inverter 1500w~2000w.

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How to test the tensile strength of the slider

April 18 [Mon], 2016, 16:23
An important indicator of slider is the tensile strength, which is to test the strength of the body part of the body of the pull head to achieve the value of qualified.

Using the tensile strength tester, precision: the force value display system precision is + 1%FS, displacement display system precision is + 0.01%FS. Fixture: pull into the head in meshing port, 2mm. claw

Test methods and procedures: the test of instrument and card claw is arranged on the measured slider mesh stoma (an upper and a lower clamping claw into the mesh inside the mouth 2mm), adjust the upper and lower clamping jaw position, so that the upper and lower jaws with pre tension 2n. Deformation control system of the tester to zero. Start the test instrument, until the pull head meshing port deformation reached 0.5mm, the instrument display value is the tensile strength of slider.

After testing for the slider of the tensile strength, next we will test a drop head and chain teeth with the degree of tightness, which is what we call the: zipper pulls the smoothness of the test, which is by the use of a zipper function is an important index. Matching in different products, zipper pulls the smoothness of the requirements is not the same, for different products, not pulling smoothness of the smaller the better.

According to the measurement requirements, selection of special pulling light smoothness tester, accuracy of 0.5%FS. Test range: 0N-20N. Test speed: (1250 + 50) mm/min.

Test methods and procedures: intercept length is 200mm with slider chain, pull head on the chain belt pulled in a reciprocating three times, one of the links of the chain opened, flat on the table, sections of the chain are separated by hand smoothing. Chain belt is a fixed clamp will not separate, locking. Pull a mobile fixture, test instrument readings of zero, start the tester, moving clamp, drives the pull head moves to the fixture is about 30mm, the maximum value of the instrument displays the smoothness of the pulling. The test fixture, mobile drives the slider should not once in the zipper slide.

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