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July 04 [Wed], 2012, 15:30
Setbacks, and unfortunately, calmly greet the next second smile! nike shox oz Learn to quiet the analytical mind tomorrow, in order to contend with yesterday's fragile! Half of the Fragment of a cup of tea, any time flies, the flowers into the array, jealously guarding a paper and ink dye, free edge of the lonely , leisurely tea quiet charm. Softly opened the month Qian the yarn Xuan window nike shox oz.

Mischievous breeze brushed cheeks nike shox oz white black sliver , scared broken thoughts, reach out Juqi a handful of moonlight and soft, a cappella a graceful from the War, the heartbroken who ask the strings? The catkins gentle wind before Manwu poem, Fallen flowers humming tempting over the shoulders, splashing through the pool of Tears, mixing whose eyes? Silent listening to the florid, nike shox oz Orchid Plum quiet nike shox oz.

The sad Story of the Kwan Fong charming nike shox oz white blue , nike shox oz bright red quarter Fangfei; nike shox oz drizzly rain break, enchanting rainbow rendering faint Qingchou in the Zither Love like this in a misty rain, hazy ripple numerous. nike shox oz Love flexor, had the eye has become a trend. nike shox oz Fluttering clouds, hazy, drifting far from getting shadowless. According to years of clear track nike shox oz.

Graceful into the last bit nike shox oz white blue sliver , so, nike shox oz a surge of thoughts Dangqi layers of ripples, nike shox oz long absence, nike shox oz Mo Siang overflowing verse. The haze of the sky, dark gray clouds gather in the chill of the birth of loneliness. nike shox oz The passage of years, nike shox oz the past time, nike shox oz how many tender dilapidated into the devastated scene. Time place, watery trace nike shox oz.

Some of the past cloud water nike shox oz white gold , nike shox oz the after Cangsang, nike shox oz stranded years suddenly wake up, few Xu Sixu mixing poor and floated like falling feelings, light smell for some fragrance. Time, always going around in circles, nike shox oz quietly endless flow no end. While we are in between going around in circles, gradually growing up and becoming more mature, waiting for the old nike shox oz.

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