Silly sister very surprised Peak brother

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 10:25
 Wu Brother, why are there so many people sleeping in the street? She looked at a few beggars sleeping position the street was very surprised ask! Because them homeless ah, so necessary isSleep in the street! Silly sister strange, I do not want to go home so I am also closely can be attributed to, ah, why I do not sleep the street? Wu Ming-chi, a get her so at once can not help but Puchi laughed I say silly sister

Really really stupid ah? Because you have the money so we do not have to sleep in the street, ah! No, I have to sleep street, because I do not want to go home, I am also a homeless person! Wu Ming-chi, there Peak thought she wasWas joking brush, the moment you do not care!  One of the dark night, a few people to stay in an inn inside. Three people were in a different wing inside! Wu Ming aiming west wing Peak in the south wing of the east wing, silly sister! Seeing the two of them  Suddenly silly sister saw in front of two groups of beggars are to grab a Beggar Chicken! Very embarrassed! Is you want to do? What are you doing? Five beggars one immediately stunned, You

What people? A girl how big night without sleep, ran out on the street? You not afraid Cai Huazei What?  What is Cai Huazei? Silly sister froze! The few crafty one before, the original silly Leng Leng the girl suddenly kinky color the atmosphere! Said smirking as we like ghd sale ah! Next is the five individuals surroundedLive in a silly sister! Hey, do you want doing? Four or five of the more see more silly sister panic feel super exciting! With great enthusiasm said, Today you would like to accompany several of our what? Silly sister said a some understand

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