To the side, hands clasped long knife, and he relies

November 21 [Wed], 2012, 10:47
to fight on despite a strong enemy the Twin Swords were his bite in your mouth. The momentum of a rattling, It can not be underestimated panache. Lehi spend as if nothing had happened slowly out from the inner court of the China Jinghong Shi Zhi Hua, the ins and outs of the matter, Chen senior sister apprentice has said very clearly that this kid here. China Jinghong should softly uttered, Troy stroking slowly approached, came in the field. She curiously looked at his hands with a knife, and his mouth biting a Peng hopeless, suddenly the Lehi Ikebana Lee Shishu, you

Is going to kill him, or to catch him. Ms. Jin immediately and loudly Shi Zhi Hua, does not have to be polite, please him cut to pieces, my five sons with his life. China Jinghong nodded, came to the front of Peng hopeless, softly said The public Sub, you also heard Chen the Shishu says to take your life, then I am afraid the small woman offended. Between the words, it seems long Peng hope to see became a slaughtered. Peng hopeless flushed with anger and curse you dirty girl, age seen older than me, the tone of greater than hundredfold. Who do you think you are? Guanyin? He looked at the see Lehi flowers, and said Who are you nor will be able to beat me, and how, also sent his Shi Zhi to die, the more women you run out of food! Palace?

Lehi spent almost passed out with anger, shouted Shi Zhi Hua, and such Shijingxiaoren wordy what to quickly Qutaxingming. Flower Jinghong broke and said Yes, sir. Yanba, the original is still the back of the more The female the Palace day ghd sale marks sword suddenly miraculous jump in her hands. Her non-stop, Doushou sword bevel cut Peng hopeless to still being Wuzhang away. Peng hopeless stunned the underground passage This woman is crazy Could lose heart. However, while he hesitated between, one more than the sword Fengrui Jiangang into the wave shape of the blowing. Peng hopeless Jijiao to soon as well, Puffed breath, body lightning traverse ten feet, Kankan these shares overwhelming Ling Li Jiangang flashed, however Jianqi passing, his whole body pain, as if about to collapsing.


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