2005年12月12日(月) 9時30分
1 mile = 1609m
1 pound = 453.6g
1 gallon = 3.785 ℓ
1 dollar ≒ 120.71 yen (12/12 9:29)

units of information
bit : the minimum unit of information
byte(octet) = 8bit
nibble = 4bit
kiro byte = 10^3 byte
mega byte = 10^6 byte
giga byte = 10^9 byte
tera byte = 10^12 byte
peta byte = 10^15 byte
exa byte = 10^18 byte
zetta byte = 10^21 byte
yotta byte = 10^24 byte
bps(bits per second) : standing for speed of communication
dpi (dots per inch) : standing for resolution
cpi (character per inch) : standing for resolution
cps(character per second) : standing for speed of printing
ppm (page per minute) : standing for speed of printing
fps(frames per second) : standing for speed of changing a picture
pps(pules per second) : standing for speed of communication by
Q : standing for size of character
1Q = 0.25 mm

units of physics
N : standing for force
1N = 1kg ・ m/(s^2)
1 dyn = 10^(-5) N
Pa : standing for pressure
mmHg : standing for pressure
1 Pa = 1 N/(m^2)
1 hPa = 10^2 Pa
1 Mpa = 10^6 Pa
1 mbar = 1hPa
1 bar = 0.1 Mpa
1 atm = 1013.25 hPa = 760 mmHg
1 Torr = 1 mmHg
1J = 1N・m


2005年11月28日(月) 9時30分
Scientific technology has advanced remarkably. I will show you topics of robots.

First, I show the "HAL". HAL which has made by TUKUBA University is a robot suit for hadicapped people. HAL can support human's muscular powers. For example, people who can't stand are able to stand if they use HAL and people are able to lift up so heavy things if they use HAL. I show two pictures of HAL and a site of HAL.

the site of HAL

Then, I show a system of cyborg. This system is that the piece of human's body is replaced machine.

Please look this picture. A woman wears a machinary arm. Though it is a machine, she can control its movement in herself. She can grip something by it. In addition, she can feel that she grip something by it! The machinary arm moves by electric signal of her brain and sends the electric signal to her brain if she grips something.

Then, please look this picture. A man wears a machine. This machine is the machinary eye. He can see by the machinary eye. I think that the system of cyborg is interesting and great.

This topic is broadcasted by NHK. The name of program is "The system of cyborg changes human beings". I show the site of NHK.

the site of the system of cyborg

mobile phone 

2005年11月21日(月) 9時42分
Now, there are a lot of mobile phones. I will show you some mobile phones.
First, I show you the oldest mobile phone. This name is "shoulder phone".

It is so big and so heavy. Its weight is about ten kirometers. In addition, it does not have performance of mail, camera and television, of course.

Then, I show you a comparatively old mobile phone.

It is smaller than "soulder phone". And it has performance of mail. But it is inferior to the latest mobile phone, because it is bigger than latest mobile phone and it does not have performance of camera and television.

Lastly, I show you two sites. They show topics of the latest mobile phones.




2005年11月14日(月) 9時03分
How much do you know the helminthes? I will show few sicknesses and topics and so on. Firstly, I show the anisakis. Anisakis belongs to the round worm and is mainly parastic in fish. We may be infected with it when we eat raw fish and get stomacache and voming. I show the pictures on anisakis.

anisakis in internal organ


Then, I show the tape worm. It is parastic only human. But it is not bad. Some american super models are willing to keep tape worm in her body for diet. And, some sientists say that tape worm protect us against a lot of deseases. In fact, there is a sample that deseases of fish have increased when sientists remove helminth in fish.
Last, I show the funny topic on helminth. Please jump here. The experiment was performed in this site. The experiment is that he ate curry udon after he have appreciated the museum of helminth.

space debris 

2005年11月07日(月) 9時30分
There are a lot of space debris around the earth. Space debris are garbages of space.
For example, old artificial satellites, old rokets, cosmic dusts, and so on. The number of
space debris is about 7 thousand. And many people think that they are so dangerous.

Why are space debris so dangerous? In fact, their velocity reaches 7 〜 8 kiro meters per second. Even the velocity of space debris on stationary orbit reaches 3 kiro meters per second. The kinetic energy is enormous because the kinetic energy increases in proportion to the square of velocity. If they crush against the artificial satellites or rokets, they will be destroy easily even debris 10cm in diameter. In addition, debri makes another one when it crushs another and scatters its parts.
Scientists propose two ways in order to clean around the earth. First, we use laser to remove debris. Please refer here. It is site in Japanese. Second, we use artifical satellites.

We can collect debris to use robot arms in satellites.
I think that we must solve this problem in order to enjoy space life in the futuer.

iPod flea 

2005年10月31日(月) 10時17分
Apple Computer released the new model of iPod. That name is the "iPod flea".

We are able to store one music in the "iPod flea" and keep listening for one hour.
And the "Accessory Kit" of it are a Magnifying glass and a Toothpick.
Please jump next URL and watch the video.


The "iPod flea" is tremendously small as compared with another iPod models.

I'm sorry. The "iPod flea" is a parody. That video was released at the Mac design conference. This topic is old for a moment. But I thought that this topic is so fun, I published it.

The Car on Mars 

2005年10月24日(月) 9時16分

It's image picture of the car on Mars. The name of this car is "SPITIT".
SPIRIT was been rocketed at 2003 june 11 by NASA. Then, SPIRIT landed
on the Mars at 2004 january 4.

SPIRIT's height is 1.5meters, width is 2.3 meters, length is 1.6 meters and
weight is 174 kiro meters on the earth. I show the structural picture of
SPIRIT under this sentence.

SPIRIT have been analyzing the soil of Mars and sending the data of soil to
the earth. The capacity of the data is 100MB. We owe our much knowlege of Mars to SPIRIT. In the near future, we will be able to know the maked
process of planets by learning the structure of Mars.

driver's lisence 

2005年10月03日(月) 9時46分
During summer vacation, I trained for driver's lisence.
It's so hard and boring for me. But, I put up with about 30 day's training.
So, I passed the first examination of lisence for my effort, and I get my driver's lisence.
I took a deep breath and enjyoed driving for the rest of summer vacation.


2005年10月03日(月) 9時40分
Hello, It's 22004's blog.
This page is maked for english class.
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