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November 21 [Thu], 2013, 15:17
Joke, joke, da for this former teammate Didier Drogba is also appreciated the added: "he is a good man, a superstar, in football, is a pleasure to make friends with him, Beckham [Twitter] is a super Ambassador, Drogba was playing, in this respect, like them or not. On the pitch, he gave a lot back took a lot of lessons. "Ten foreign aid as well as the best striker of line-up, da not hesitate to vote for Didier. Ricard "victims" we lost has a champion 89 was born of big Ray, for Shenhua past of foreign aid apparently does not as knew where Yu heart, in themselves of best foreign aid votes in the, he select of object almost exclusively for themselves cooperation had of those teammate were: "Pater I really of listening many people are said he how how good, but didn't approach, I then also small, does no good see had he play Ah, so also is honest some selected those heart bottom of,. "The only one exception is Mora," Shenhua suffered leg injuries in the competition is for him? When I heard about him, just because of his injury, his later career was ruined, such a loss is too great, he should be respected. ”

Aimier·madingneisi, and Ricard, and liyasikesi, and then Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, and Moreno and hadibu, initially in the ballot, Ray chose eight people: "why is there no Dadi? His substitute scored how many goals this year, can you put his name on the side as an exception. Oh yeah, and Orlando! How amazing physique, or write on him too, just get 10. "Looking at their options, da can almost tell when everyone's technical characteristics, in sight when they came to the former Fort m striker Ricard, who became somewhat silent:" ya got us lost a champion! "With trace grin and, big Ray so said with, year were it not for Ricard missed penalty, Shenhua on will holds up 08 season of champion trophy, Wang Dalei said, themselves until now still think special regrets, on seems themselves took in hand of things, suddenly between disappeared have disappeared:" that has may is I life first a League champion Ah, on so didn't has, on like a pieces on you for special important special beloved of things, on so was lane lost has. "The day after the game, da had forgotten how Ricard guilt, he says doesn't matter that had, he just wanted to forget a disappointing night," no, I'm not crying, I remember the day I had a drink, I just want the day to come on over. ”

Best goalkeeper or a constituency within the top ten lists of aid, Wang Dalei will own most of the votes were cast for the object experienced by those with the font size, although not yet enter the national team, but Dai Lin [Twitter] is supported by the buddy: "I almost grew up together with him, it was clear that he had. After you get married in Shanghai as a dad, people clearly became different as a whole, and this year he and uncle in front of me they really feel comfortable. "In front of their names, he did not draw the hook," as for myself, and myself, should not count, this kind of thing, or allow others to say it. "Best among 11 people groups, da, first in the goalkeeper position made a difficult, will aid before he voted for himself in the national team mentor Ou Chuliang, this time he showed a moment's pause:" you know, this time I'm selfish? "For a while, but he still chose Ou Chuliang
The words, "what can I say, the odds, and then came to the Shenhua team, as well as in domestic football in ' component ' is really hard, nike free run 2 sale he and I are not a level, so this vote is a vote for the district. "Big Ray, combination of central defender fan Zhiyi is selected [Twitter] and Schiavi, at the same time, he took the latter" Ming inequalities ":" this (fan Zhiyi) didn't have to say it, iconic figures. But in that list of the best foreign players before why not Uncle Ah, I need to get him up ... ... No, 11, right? Either under the grievance in Orlando ... ... "see the option list, Ray completed quite seriously, even for a team of" sure ":" Shenhua didn't play a lot 433, past, 442, including 352 fought, I hit 442 selected here, right? "The quota of only two forwards, he gave Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba in drama:" not like Nick and Didier Drogba, perhaps his character is a bit dull, but he's on the team will tell you many things, turns out those things too. Actually, I wanted to give selected black, our 2010 took third, his role at the front was too big for him.
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