Lin Shuhao attacking the most outstanding

August 17 [Sat], 2013, 17:27
Lin Shuhao attacking the most outstanding is that he pick and roll score and the ability to create attacking nike free 3.0 v5 mens uk opportunities. But what's surprising is, Beverly is not lost to Lin Shuhao in these offensively. Synergy data shows, Beverly singles accounted for 18% (Ho 13%), he can get 0.83 points per round (tag only: 0.68 min). They act as a pick and roll control efficiency when the player is almost the same. On defense, their defensive efficiency data show almost the same. But in team defensive importance, Beverly advantages more obvious. Data shows, while Beverly was present, the rockets lost 7 points less per 100 rounds, while Lin Shuhao was present, the rockets lost 2 points less per 100 rounds.
Xin Lancheng, before the match against Chinese Taipei, to Chinese men's basketball team's bench seats, the then team leader Zhang Xiong went from the bench up, smile, with leading reporting, team doctor Du Dafu also stand up to so indicate, a player is always sitting on the bench, he didn't get up, just took a glance at this so-called "officer". Chinese national men's basketball team has been the national media and fans considered to be patient, but also a critical condition, footnote for this inference is, Chinese men's basketball team returned to Beijing after a 14-hour airport off during the flight, each player's face looked listless, or you can just say is sickly.
Paul Prizeo mentioned is a focus on charities raise site, the brothers launched threshold of activity fee is $ 3. And donors the opportunity to meet on September 27 in Los Angeles, and two brothers, when in addition to lunch, you can also fight on the Court and two brothers. Of course, is to encourage more nike free run 2 mens uk charitable contributions. If someone is willing to contribute $ 1000 +, signed by the brothers war boots, you can also choose whether to let Paul Mark's signature. Contributions of 2000 +, you will get two pairs of shoes.

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