Maybe really think when Scholes retires

January 22 [Wed], 2014, 10:36
Although Scholes has indirectly made Manchester City a passing fault in the game pulled one back for the ball, but his role in midfield is beyond doubt. According to OPTA data showed after the game, Scholes replacement ball after playing 71 times, number of passes than any player in Manchester! In Manchester, he passes number second only to Michael Carrick (105) and Ryan Giggs (85), to know that Paul Scholes has just 30 minutes, and Michael Carrick and Ryan Giggs have played the full match-Scholes pass success rate of 97.2%, ranking the team first! air jordan 4 uk Paul Scholes couldn't have done better, at this moment all over the world was stunned. Don't forget, this is only Paul Scholes's first game back after, I believe that through a period of recovery, Paul Scholes can gradually find their best form, escort the next game for Manchester United.

While previously media has has had disclosure, but Manchester United Club in Scholes return of problem Shang has been no showed half tone, until game began Qian only announced has this a message, on even in this field game in the into two ball of Rooney are on Scholes of return is surprised: "Frank of said, some accident, we fundamental not knows this thing, until game Qian we in locker room in see he and that pieces printed has he name of 22nd, jerseys. "It is reported that when Scholes is printed the name of Jersey hanging in the locker room at 22nd, to witness the return of the gods, almost stunned Manchester United players. -Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville is also back on their own friends are very pleased, he wrote in his Twitter: "the guy is back, he is the best player I've ever seen. air jordan 5 uk "Of course, not everyone is optimistic about the return of Paul Scholes, the former Manchester United captain Roy Keane in the comments on the game, said:" I have to say, for the return of Paul Scholes, I was surprised. I understand it was worth a gamble, but Scholes 7 or 8 months ago because he thought his rhythm of the legs to keep up with the Premier League, he can't be an important contribution for the team in the game, so I was surprised by his decision to return to competition. However, this is certainly worth a try, his presence on the team will have no small boost. ”

Maybe really think when Scholes retires he can't contribute anything to this team since last summer after Paul Scholes to hang up his boots, Manchester United has been looking for his successor, Sneijder, modeliqi, Nasri, who for various reasons brush with Manchester United, Ferguson can only tap Select, kelaiweili, Anderson, Fletcher and others wounded was paibingbuzhen by Ferguson to make ends meet. In the League after a two-game losing streak, even once-there are rumors that Manchester United wanted to introduce Chelsea (microblogging) team to increase the hardness of the midfielder Lampard. Is the so-called "the knot has to be untied by the one who" was eventually resolved by Scholes himself he left Manchester United for the puzzle. Ferguson, of course, would like to see love return: "Scholes talk about things he wants to return, I think this is less objectionable. The players are very excited about this, I'm sure the fans would be very happy, I'm happy. ”
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