It really doesn't matter who farm the gold

April 19 [Fri], 2013, 12:07

Jagex has announced the fact that long-runningin RS Gold and very much awaited Evolution of Combat overhaul has officially entered its beta stage today. The Evolution of Combat will be the most substantial alter in Runescape's 11-year history to Cheap RS Gold.  With the Evolution of Runescape Combat update,rs goldseveral new capabilities are already added, which include the capability to dual wield weapons, activity bars, competencies which unlock throughout battle, buffs and weaknesses which may be cast on allies and opponents, vital hits and new character animations. To garner much more suggestions concerning the update, Jagex is providing RS people the possibility to check the update beginning June 26th. Of course, much more Runescape Gold might be of wonderful aid for the fixture experience.

RS Gold game is the world most famous web game, its players rank only second to world of warcraft. Runescape 10 anniversary birthday will come. Now let us review some things about runescape. Runescape has around 144 worlds, free worlds and member worlds. Runescape 1 is the same as Runescape 2, so Runescape 1 gold works for Runescape 2 without any problems. The RS Gold you buy from any of the worlds will work for all other worlds, since the Gold stick with your character, and not with the world itself. From my knowledge, most of the MMORPG currency shop's RS Gold is farmed by Chinese, Romanians, Indians and Americans.

It really doesn't matter who farm the gold, the most important is the method they use to farm the gold. Some farmers are using macro bots to farm the gold, which will end up with a ban; some are killing dragons which is a safer method to farm the gold. But as far as I know, the Runescape GM will not ban the buyer, they only ban the seller, thus as a customer, you really don't have to worry much about it. Basically, after you placed an order in a MMORPG currency shop, they will meet you in a chosen world and do a face to face gold trade with you. You can also trade in online sites, people always like cheap price, online Sell RS Gold sites can satisfy you.
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