see u again my brother

May 18 [Wed], 2005, 15:38

Dear my like a brother.

Hey brother
Are you really gonna leave here?
yes,, I know you are. just I dont wanna believe it.
couse I can't believe you're gonna disappear from here.
I dont know why, but I believed you would be here like forever, it's impossible though,,

Hey brother
Do you remember the night when we went to the lake ?
At that time, you felt loneliness didnt u? I knew that! you were gonna hide it though.

You were to be like that, that was okay, couse your little brother went to back.
you and jacob are great brothers like incredible.
You guys are fulled with a lot of love.
but that time, I aslo missed him so much, couse I loved him so much too,

I didn't tell about this, but I could get the feeling like being with jacob when we were walking around the lake together.
You guys are not alike each other though I could feel you guys were brother at that time.

Anyways you are leaving.

Hey brother,
You are not my real brother, then I might demand being my brother of you, sorry about that,but you were so gentle and good for me, you were like a real brother.
You are not my real brother though, but you are my friend.
Wherever you are, I am, we are friends moreover good friends.
I know you are not gonna read this, but I know that you know how I feel about u.

Hey brother,
I can't believe that we could meet.
I'm gonna appreciate for my god!!
Thank you my god, I'm happy to meet Lucas and so many other nice people.
Thank you so much..

Hey brother,
I'm gonna see u later to your home.
from then, see you again!!!

love n peace your like a little sister. miki

Miki 1986 February 22 生まれ 只今カナダで留学中
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