Bonjour. =) 

June 16 [Sat], 2007, 2:46

Hello everybody (●´ω`●) ♪
Hope you're well! :]

Now let's introduce myself (o・v・o)
I'm Camille, 15 years and i'm from France <3
So why yaplog? Well just because i'm really interested in Japan, that's why i'd like to talk to some Japanese people :)
And i find yaplog soo cute (っ≧ー≦)っ

Lately, it's soo hot in France. So school is more boring! And i've soon exams(;´д` )I should study (>U<)
And today i didn't ate at school, but i hung out with my best friend <斜>Lisa
<3 We ate Kebab It was cool! =)

Yeah, on my pic., it's Lisa & Me Σ°ω°`*)
Have a good time on my brog♪


June 19 [Tue], 2007, 0:40

I sometimes wonder. If we will live. Sharing one life. If we are born again.

* Because I feel your heart so close to me now
Though our bodies are apart ~

I'll protect you forever. I'll think of you. Even if time may change everything.
I'll think of you.


YATTAAA- (。・ο・。)ノ 

July 02 [Mon], 2007, 5:44
First, these days have been really great <3 Hmm,,i was at several parties [with my lovely cousins & best friend =], i went shopping, i talked with my good friends, i passed my exams & have now FINALLY my holidays during 2 months and



Huhu =) I can learn Japanese in the next skool year, in Sept. *0*
I was & am still sooo happy (っ≧ー≦)っ♡

And on Wednesday i'm going to Italy..Pfiouu~ Fortunately that i can use the internet there hehe (o・v・o)♪
So, i wish you a good holiday neh [:

Leopard sprint. :D 

July 03 [Tue], 2007, 2:58

Yaaay! \(*≧▽≦)

I'm soo happy! I finally found my leopard shoes <3click heheh~
& i also bought a swimsuit, a leopard tshirt and 2 Japanese books =D
I ate macdo' too =x Sooo yummy neh! xD

So today is a good day for me♪
[Although there is storm now (>_<)].

Back. ;; 

July 21 [Sat], 2007, 4:52

Yeah my holidays there are finished...So sad =/
I wanna return in Italy so much, to see my friends again *-*
I had so much fun with them! My planning was :

Breakfast [yummyy <3].
Swimming-pool & tan xD [with my friends].
Computer [myspace, MSN & blog].
Lunch time. [D E L I C I O U S].
Ping-Pong & Playa <3 [Sea =)].
Volley-ball & Pedalo.
Shower & PC.
Dinner [D E L I C I O U S].
Cards with friends [always with them =)].
FAIR! =D & Bambolini, cards.. [with Steppo too, haha XD].

These were the best holidays i've never had [:
Everybody had fun and were so nice! =D
Can't wait to go there and see ya again

- Steppo, Yoyo, Sorella, Abou, Kevin, Jeff, Sandro, Cou tordu, le Jap, le Ice, Marchelo, le Pinguin, Sarah, Jerome, Laura, Margaut et tous les autres de la foire =). -

Take care everybody!

And today, 07.20.2007, i saw my best friend after 3 weeks hehe ^^.
We went shopping, ate a lot, took pics, walked etc.
We had a lot of fuun! =D See you soon neh Lisa?

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