Waiting for closing... 

April 01 [Sat], 2006, 14:25
Our new home will close on the week of April 19th. Now is the waiting progres.

We received the initial interview letter from the Immigration, we are scheduled on June 12th.

Purchasing House Progress#1 

February 22 [Wed], 2006, 0:42
The owner accepted our offer

added dining room pic:

living room w/fireplace:

one of the bedrooms:

and will add an inground pool with pool enclosure, maybe next year, not pushing it, XD

House Hunting#2 

February 20 [Mon], 2006, 1:37
We went to see a few houses yesterday. Saw a potential house, really big, 5 bedrooms, 3 full bath and a huge backyard.

The price is good, with the calculations of remodeling the 3 bathrooms, floors and installing a swimming pool

Aldous favorite: Kitchen

School Notice 

November 18 [Fri], 2005, 6:37
Today received a notice from his school stating there is a registered sex offender in our zip code. Went to the site and printed out the information, Aldrich was looking at the profile, and made a comment: Oh, I'm in danger!!!

I shouldn't be laughing because the victim was only an 8 year old boy, I am laughing the way Aldrich said it. We should all be careful and look after our children...


November 16 [Wed], 2005, 13:31
早幾個月前收到電話﹐問我會否投票即張選舉紐約市長﹐會否投Mike Bloomberg﹐當時我不為意問誰是Mike Bloomberg﹐XDDDD 正大白痴!


再過了幾個星期﹐有人按門鐘﹐提我投Bloomberg @_@



November 02 [Wed], 2005, 10:06

連大頭B都無興趣出去trick or treat,他話 : I'm not a baby anymore!!! 哈哈 最終他還是被朋友仔拉了出去一會。

Aldous's Car 

October 16 [Sun], 2005, 11:08
Ming's car


October 12 [Wed], 2005, 23:31
自上星期六到今天都下雨 ﹐天氣已轉涼及很早天K Ming跟大頭B準備入紙申請卡。打算自己填FORM入紙﹐給律師做超貴!

Sasa watching 101 Dalmations 

October 08 [Sat], 2005, 2:37
Took this shot quite some time ago ^_^

Every time she sees dogs on the TV screen, she will sit there and watch, LOL!!!


October 08 [Sat], 2005, 1:26
歡迎! Friends have informed why our family is MIA (Missing in action) I have created this board to keep in touch with the outside world ^_^
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