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February 08 [Fri], 2019, 7:59


WATCH Beirut






Beirut was never like this, and is nothing like this, but thank you Rabbi, for trying...



msggie 😍😍😍

Did anyone see CL (2ne1)?

Masons. Zionists. Terrorists. Propaganda creators. Welcome to Hollywood :) The STUPID industry!

I know the fellow lebs are complaining about the accent of the lebs in the movie (they sound like run in the mill arabs) but i dont think its reason enough to get pissed about this,, im more curiuos about the story and how the Israelies will be portrayed , as the triggers of the wars or just the companions of the american heroes in the situation. Anyone who knows the history will know if this is bullshit or not. So lets see first.

Cl vai fazer um filme como assim?😱😱

Who came for CL?

actually the first option sounds good to me

Simple Story...Awesome thriller....

Loved it


all the weebs commenting

IS THAT RONDA WOW SHE is a wrestler and actor wow

I think the trailer looks great! I hope this is a good movie because Hollywood been lacking on REAL action movies as of late. I wonder if they are going to show the Marine barracks attack on this movie?.
Confirming collection of all ssd drives Proceeds to pick up 160GB hard drives. lmao!
This movie is a big lie to ruin the image of a fabulous country... No doubt, those who hate Lebanon are behind its production...They have already destroyed Lebanon several times and now they want to ruin its reputation by additional lies.....

my boy Shkreli #freeshkreli

They literally showed everything.


don draper is that you ???
Who's here for rounda Rousey



a very bad movie
I want to see Jon Hamm performance because he's a great actor.
omg paula's so pretty
la misma idiotez de siempre





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