yeah =) 

August 10 [Sun], 2008, 23:18
i've got a notebook now :D
yeah i really like my notebook
& it's very comfortable to use it!
so that was all :)

new pics :) 

July 27 [Sun], 2008, 0:20
I just want to put in some new photos :D
and one of them is with my best friend Chien :) <3

mixed feelings 

July 14 [Mon], 2008, 5:38
hm yeh after this week working my feelings are so different to two people...
i just want to begin a relationship with jens but i also want a relationship to andy so yeh..
my feelings are mixed coz i really like jens...he's so lovely and nice...we cuddled a few and we kissed one time..was a gorgeous week and i want to know him much better!
his parents are so nice and they want me really in their family<3
ahhh i want to be in his family and i want to spend a long time with him!
but yeh...i can't forget andy and i just have feelings for him..
it's so hard for me!
i can't really chose one of them...
it makes me feel so bad and also sad...
hm ja what should i also write today?!
i'm just very confused..
good night and sleep well my maybe readers

one week working! 

July 12 [Sat], 2008, 19:59
ha yeh i was working this week hm yeh was quite funny and interesting!
i learned a lot and meet some new friends!
i worked there with a friend and someone who i only known from the internet.
but when we meet there he was really nice and my friend told me that he said that i'm pretty and i was happy about that!
we worked in a camp for kids where we had to look and play something with them.
the kids were cute and liked me a lot so working has been easier for me!
hm ja i've taken some photos but i will load them up later becos i'm a bit tired of trying to sleep outside there.
but the rain and the thunderstorm came and the kids were taken by their parents and we slept at jens house(the guy who likes me :] ) and yeh it was funny!
at thursday we slept at his house too,but before we were in the forest for barbeque and sleeping but yeh the rain and thunderstorm came again so we had to sleep at his house haha.!
at all that week was gorgeous !
and next week i will go out with Jens :D
okay,that was my week and ja..
i will go now to visit marco :D
so byebye

hello honeys :'D 

July 05 [Sat], 2008, 18:52
I'm back yeah!
And I have really changed my look man xD
I like myself now more than before :o
so come on and take a look at my new photos down
yeah and japanday was quite okay,but the weather was crap!
hm whatever!
I was in a good mood :)
now I like drawing graffitis and yeh skating is cool too
hm yeh I have summer holidays now !!!
and I'm now in the last class of my school!
hm yeh that's all I think!
have great days and greets from germany where the weather is hot now!

bye bye!



February 26 [Tue], 2008, 4:35
i haven't written for a long time D:
but i was a bit bussy xD

♥ x ♥ x ♥


December 11 [Tue], 2007, 2:00
My life has changed a bit I think
There are some new people and new moments where I think:
"Hey...Be happy!" And I am happy at the moment!
I love it to read books now
at the moment I read a very good book which is called
"Tokyo (In germany Tokio)" from teh author Mo Hayder.
I love the style how she write
Annnnnnnd....soon is christmas!!
I'll get a PSP (Playstation Portabel or so (^▽^;))
And in a few days my holidays are beginning
bye bye (^▽^)☆


November 27 [Tue], 2007, 5:18
it's so boring at the moment!
and in a few day/weeks is christmas!!!
i have now Windows XP on my computer 8D!
haha...i know...really modern
so in the next weekends i wanna go on christmasmarkets or so '-'!
and i will make cookies!


GazettE concert cologne [2oo7x10x21] 

October 27 [Sat], 2007, 22:21
the concert was great man!
they all looked so awesome
and the songs were really good,yeah~
I going to take new photos of me and special things I found'-'
and I am at the moment not at the right mood to post everyday although~
please forgive!
Fukai alias Lisa ; )

Purikura : D 

October 11 [Thu], 2007, 2:24
i have new purikuras

  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:fukai-ism
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