down you are very griffey shoes likely to be frozen disease

July 13 [Fri], 2012, 13:44

Outdoor sports, inner wear is often very easy to be overlooked. A lot of friends, participate in outdoor sports wear underwear cotton underwear on weekdays, outdoor sports, especially in the large temperature difference between wearing cotton underwear is a big mistake the. Absorbent cotton underwear, do it slower, and after a sweat when your strenuous exercise, a cool down you are very griffey shoes likely to be frozen disease, especially in the alpine region, cotton underwear and even may become a "killer". So, outdoor sports should choose what kind of underwear? Participate in outdoor sports, the best choice for permeable, breathable, and not personal, non-stick sweat wicking quick-drying underwear, underwear to make your body at all times maintain a dry feel. In general, when you go to high humidity or griffeys too cold, you can choose the wicking performance of the hydraulic conductivity can also be a good underwear best silk texture. If you go to cold places, in addition to perspiration, warmth is also very important, underwear is too warm and too small to wrap the body will also affect the free, buy underwear, best griffey sneakers try it. The washing method of sweat underwear and other outdoor equipment is as important as, and can not be ignored. In general, the wicking underwear can use laundry detergent, but can not use bleach or fabric softener washing, because it will plug the fiber hole, the impact of perspiration; can choose a washing machine or hand wash in accordance with the general clothing clean method can be, if possible, into the laundry bag inside the washing, or clothes over and cleaning, so you do not coat the hair bulb; permeable underwear need to dry naturally, do not use dryers drying or the entire hot; usual storage of clothing, be sure to keep dry clothing should not be long-term squeeze storage. Of course, the choice of permeable underwear best professional outdoor store to buy the general store counters will be a lot more expensive than similar products of the general store.

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