she can not stand it: women griffey shoes underwear taut abdomen

July 12 [Thu], 2012, 15:35

How to determine whether the underwear elastic elongation qualified, expert ideas and pull it by hand, can be easily stretched and quick rebound is a good elastic fabrics. "Just given birth to baby Miss Shen has purchased a 238 yuan, a well-known brand corset clothing, hoping to make their own small pot to "cut back. But put on no days she can not stand it: women griffey shoes underwear taut abdomen, leading to breathing a bit difficult, and even feel the heartbeat is always the same. She went to the counter to ask the salesperson, the answer is: stretch the more tight the better. Is that really true? School of Textiles, Donghua University, Professor Chen Nanliang Three Gun Group at a lingerie forum, recently expressed a different view, he proposed a "clothing pressure" concept: only the health of the clothing pressure in order to benefit the human body. From clothing and health perspective, the force per unit area on the skin known as the clothing pressure. "Chennan Liang said, human protection, movement efficiency and aesthetic point of view, the clothing of a certain degree of compression is useful , but the excessive oppression caused by the human skeletal deformities, internal organs shift, breathing restricted. The latest clothing pressure studies have shown that the various parts of the surface of the body can bear the health of clothing embossed with a certain range. For example, the clothing of the female abdominal pressure allows the value of 400 kPa (4kpa), corset clothing pressure exceeds this threshold, it may cause changes in breathing and heartbeat, and even lead to the deformation nike air foamposite one of the internal organs. "The clothing pressure is closely related to Underwear with elastic material. According to statistics, about 50 percent of knitted ken griffey jr shoes underwear spandex raw materials, but also the further development of the trend. "Do you have appropriate clothing pressure, depends on the use of spandex knitted fabric is sufficiently high elastic elongation." Chennan Liang said that if the fabric is spandex content seriously inadequate or improper production and processing technology, will cause the garment of clothing on the human body The pressure is much higher than the health value, severely affected the health of consumers. "Recently, some popular in the market, abdomen hip pants elastic elongation is very low, far exceeded its clothing pressure on the human body." Ordinary consumers to the naked eye and feel of course, can not determine ones underwear the elastic elongation is qualified, but Chennan Liang told reporters that there is a small trick that "hand pull it, good elasticity of fabrics can be easily stretched and quick rebound.

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