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Pure Face (2008年06月19日)
Blowin' in the Wind (2008年06月08日)
Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien (2008年06月01日)
Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien (2008年06月01日)
Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien (2008年06月01日)
Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien (2008年06月01日)
Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien (2008年06月01日)
Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien (2008年06月01日)
Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien (2008年06月01日)
Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien (2008年06月01日)
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This is a page where I review Kigurumi sites. I try to keep my reviews as objective as possible. I will list what a site has to offer. If I like the site, I will explain why I like it. If I don't like the site, I will only list what there is to offer and leave it at that.

Also, I am not Japanese, nor can I speak / read / write the Japanese language. For this reason, my reviews will be in English only. I will try to keep the grammar simple so that translators can make better sense of them. If you do not know English, feel free to leave comments in Japanese (or any other language). I will do my best to try and understand them using Internet translators and dictionaries.
Supersonic Kigurumi Girl / 2004年08月26日(木)
  • Single mask.
  • Multiple costumes / outfits.
  • Mostly indoor photos.
  • A few event photos.
  • Photos are low-res.
Supersonic Kigurumi Girl is a small site with a good gallery. The gallery is split up by costumes. All of the costumes are of great quality. The photos themselves aren't at a very high resolution, which is probably the site's biggest flaw. Most of the photos are indoors, but there are a couple that are outside. There is also an event gallery with photos from a few kigurumi meetings. The site is updated often enough to make it worth checking, and the costumes make it worth visiting.
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Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien / 2004年08月25日(水)
  • Multiple masks.
  • Multiple costumes.
  • Large photo gallery.
  • All shots are indoors.
  • Photos are high-quality.
Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien is a small site with nothing but great content. The site has a gallery showing three different masks in various costume. Most of the photos are taken in the same room, so there is little variety in that aspect. However, the masks, costumes, and poses make up for it. The site is entirely in Japanese, but since all of the photos are in a single gallery, it isn't a problem (once you find the gallery link). So, despite its small size, Kigurumi ga Nozomu Eien is well worth the visit due to the high quality of the content it does have.
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Kigurumi Kingdom / 2004年08月12日(木)
  • Lots of maks.
  • Lots of costumes.
  • Lots of outfits.
  • Indoor and outdoor shots.
  • Tons of galleries.
  • High-res pictures.
  • Numerous videos.
  • Pages (mostly) subbed in english.
  • Large links section.
Kigurumi Kingdom is huge. There are a lot of masks and costumes to match. In addition, there are a lot of other outfits for each mask, ranging from swimsuits to school outfits to wedding dresses. The galleries are mostly arranged in a skit format, which is kind of cool, but not subbed all too well. Each character also has videos. The videos also have some good variety. Some are just webcam recordings, others brief outdoor videos. The links list, on the main page, is very long. The page's design is kinda clunky, but definately navigatable. Overall, Kigurumi Kingdom has tons of content, some of it very unique. This is definately one of the best kigurumi sites out there.
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Fukidamari's Toy Box / 2004年08月04日(水)
  • Several masks
  • Mask quality varies
  • Several galleries
  • All photos are outdoors
  • Costumes are all great
  • Navigation is simple
Fukidamari's Toy Box is great. All of the galleries are portrayals of characters. The costumes are all pretty accurate and get better as they go on. The pictures aren't of the highest quality, but they are not bad. There are a lot of different masks and this makes for a lot of variety in the galleries. The navigation isn't in English, but there are pictures of the costumes that take you to the galleries. It is very easy to navigate. I especially like the Sango costume. It is the most accurate costume that I have ever seen. This page isn't the largest, but it has more variety and quality than most sites. Definately one of the best.
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Blowin' in the Wind / 2004年08月01日(日)
  • Single mask, but used very well
  • Multiple costumes / outfits
  • Small galleries, but some are outdoors
  • Navigation is English-friendly
Blowin' in the Wind is a small site, but the work is very high quality. Though there is only one mask, it is used very well throughout the galleries. The hair is often styled in different fashions and sometimes glasses are worn. There are only a few galleries and they are rather small. Some of them are outdoor photos, though, so there still manages to be a lot of variety. Gallery updates don't occur too often, however. Blowin' in the Wind is worth checking out since the galleries are well done, but it would be nice if there were more pictures.
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Tamer Park / 2004年07月31日(土)
  • Many galleries
  • Almost all indoor galleries
  • A few galleries of kigurumi meetings
  • Single mask, but very high quality (made by SIGMA, I think)
  • Different costumes and outfits for each gallery
  • Entirely in Japanese.
Tamer Park is a single Kigurumi of Mimi from Digimon. The mask and original costume are by SIGMA, so they are very good. Most of the galleries are taken from the same room, so there isn't much variety in the pictures other than the costume change. The galleries of kigurumi meetings are probably the best part of the site. You can see pictures of a bunch of amatuer kigurumis hanging out together. It's a really unique gallery and most definately should be checked out. If you like the galleries, then this will probably be one of your favorites.
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Pure Face / 2004年07月31日(土)
  • Single mask, but a good one.
  • Multiple costumes and outfits
  • Features both indoor and outdoor photos.
  • Pictures are high-quality and high-resolution.
  • Navigation is English-friendly
Pure Face is a rather small site with a very simple design. However, the content of the site is of very high quality. The galleries are all on the same page, but it's quick loading and well organized. Most of the pictures are indoors, but there are a few outdoor pictures. Unfortunately, it has not been updated in a while. It's very much worth a visit and would be one of the bests if updates were more frequent.
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Ashita no Chara-Show de Pon! / 2004年07月27日(火)
  • A few galleries, but many pictures to each
  • Pictures are of high quality, especially for a live show
  • A few videos exist
  • Show reports seem in depth
Chara-Show features reports and many photos from recent kigurumi shows. At this point, it is mostly from Futari wa Pre-Cure live shows. There is an archive of previous top images which show characters from older shows, so other galleries will probably be added as new different live shows are attended. This is one of the few sites that I know of where you can get pictures from a professional kigurumi show (as opposed to amatures from their rooms / conventions / theme parks / etc). The live show reports seem to be rather in depth, but I cannot read them so I do not know. The site is entirely in Japanese, but the navigation is pretty simple. Overall, Chara-Show's content is somewhat limited, but very unique.
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Build Up Studio Sigma / 2004年07月27日(火)
  • Lots of costumes
  • Costumes and masks are of the highest quality
  • Galleries are mostly outdoors
  • English navigation
Sigma is the best kigurumi studio. They custom-tailor costumes and masks per order. It is quite expensive, but the results justify the price. They have galleries of their works. Pictures are of high quality and most of them are outdoor photos. Aside from their services, the site doesn't offer too much. However, the galleries that they do have are some of the best and are worth checking out whenever they update them. The site is in Japanese, but the navigation is mostly in English. Due to the nature of their costume making process, they only make costumes for residents of Japan.
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Strange Kigurumi Army / 2004年07月27日(火)
  • Multiple costumers or costumes.
  • Costumes are very close to the characters.
  • Also additional costumes for each characters (swimsuits, casual wear, etc).
  • Masks are of very high quality.
  • Both indoor and outdoor pictures available.
  • Pictures are of high quality.
  • Videos are also available, some of which are outdoors (a big plus).
  • A few wallpapers are available.
  • Links section is huge and easy to browse.
  • Site is in both japanese and english (another big plus).
SKA is definately one of the best kigurumi sites out there. There are multiple costumes, all of good quality, and tons of photos to go along with them. There is enough variety in the photos to keep things interesting since some of them are outdoors or at conventions, as well indoor ones. SKA is also probably the most english-friendly japanese kigurumi site. Just about all the text on the page is also translated to english. The grammar isn't perfect, but it is still much better than anything you would get from an internet translator. On top of all that, it is updated very often. Like I said, SKA is one of the best.
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