Sunset to-day touch down

April 12 [Tue], 2011, 11:58

Yellow grass and feed the earth wind and rain, tender fresh green branches have long pervaded the gentle wildflowers. All things are pumping on the frozen branches after ablation robust, light red in the sunset wedding under the derivative has a blooming atmosphere. Suddenly want to own the grass grow into a low, earnest life still retained a constant interest rate and tell their position.

Spring evening, the sky blush a dream. Like to walk the lake, listening to bursts of pines, gorgeous walking can be trod. He could feel the sweet breath straight to heart and soul, the heart will have been cleaned air bright and clean and shaded and moist.
Red has been the representative of traditional Chinese wedding colors, red lanterns, red candle holders, silk brocade wedding ... ... the commonly used traditional Chinese elements, was re-packaging and portfolio after the wedding in a new era, by many young people favorite.

Sunset to-day touch down, that is witty spring sun sparkling in the clouds to hide it? Twilight is about to devour an angel or a wedding, the moon in the sky elegant debut bare their minds? Two extreme views, holding the palm of the cool Spring Festival Evening, but with a touch of sadness scattered and fragmentary.

Really want is the hourglass of time, settling matters of the heart can flow away in the wholeness in the moment. Every time lazy Xieshen, mm inadvertently think of you, I feel like the rise on Jun, Jun bow like months. Heard the sound of waves on thin thought of you, the beach film dependent flute sound of the supernatant. Once passionate soul handcuffed and deep, gradually mutate into tears of enlightenment.

So stick to one lonely, the hours in every night, in the heart of the kingdom to remove the disguise of the mask. Looks like your clean and shallow, the lake is a precipitate in mind the moon. A touch of sadness to weigh heavy, spread across the chest in the mosaic, the trembling melancholy was unable to speak.