how to wear law, hogan calzature gives the impression

July 17 [Tue], 2012, 12:15

A wide range of men shirts, formal occasions, suit or casual clothes while on vacation with, always inseparable from the shirt. What to wear what shirt, how to wear law, hogan calzature gives the impression totally different. Understand the texture of the shirt, the selection method, the wear law and the tie with France, it is the modern man must know the basic knowledge. Divided collar shirt collar can generally be divided into the following six kinds: standard collar: Occupational-type length and open the perspective of the trend of "gentle" collar known as the standard collar. This shirt is commonly found in commercial activity, color, monochrome and white is the most common, the most common style. Harmonia collar: the assignment of a white-collar son of plain or striped shirts, and some cuffs made of white. Collar mostly standard collar or open-angle collar. The shape of the collar a lot, usually round. Harmonia collar men, we must pay attention with the coordination of, or inattentive will be classified as "tasteless" category. Dark buckle collar: the collar around the traditional seam there Tiniu to, tie from Tiniu through and fasten collar shirt collar stress strict emphasis on three-dimensional image hogan on line of the tie structure, wearing the collar of the shirt and tie. and play smaller, usually playing close Summary, and must not be free to play the loose tie knot, collar seem appropriateness. Open angle collar: the collar around the romantic angle between 120 degrees to 180 degrees collar. This collar is also known as "Windsor" collar, or "French" collar. Said that "do not love Jiangshan love beauty" of the Duke of Windsor favorite collar. Buttons Collar: sporty collar button fixed on the clothing and body, was originally a sport shirt, all shirts only does not require a starched collar. Typical American style, casual nature, comfort and convenience. This collar is used for casual shirts, such as denim shirt. Long pointed collar: stylish slender slightly pointed collar type, lines of simple decency, with a wide range of features of the new century clothing, used as a more classical style of the dress shirt. Usually white or plain. Insight into the cloth shirt with cotton cloth. The thickness of cotton and weave different, made of shirting is a big difference also varied, tactile and visual. Youth fabrics: vertical dyeing cotton, horizontal with white cotton plain weave thin cotton shirting. Light and soft, slightly glossy, the most common is a combination of blue cotton with white hogan uomo cotton. Oxford: button collar shirt cloth, plain weave, texture coarse, color white, blue, pink, yellow, green, gray, etc., mostly pale. The soft, breathable, durable, popular with young people. Stripe cloth: dyeing cotton and bleaching cotton shirt woven into cloth, the color is mostly white and red, white and blue, white and black. Both can be used as a sports shirt, also suitable for dress shirts. Xiping cloth: The most common shirting, usually white, with cotton the finer, more gentle touch, a high level of fine woven fine cloth is almost the feeling of the silk shirts and more for the dress such as dress occasions.

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