August 16 [Thu], 2007, 20:01
Loooong time no entry! It's been almost two weeks since I last wrote here. I am always like that but I didn't have much to say :-P

Well, there was an earthquake before dawn this morning. I was sleeping when the earthquake occured, and it startled me! You know, I am terribly afraid of earthquakes. If you ask me what scares me the most, I would say war and crime and EARTHQUAKEs.

I heard that there was also a major earthquke in Peru today, which killed many people. I was so sorry to hear that. I think people all over the world are in mourning. May their soul rest in peace in the better, happier world.

bathroom scales! 

July 30 [Mon], 2007, 19:34
I bought new bathroom scales! They measure not only weight but also your body fat percentage and visceral fat level. They even estimate chronological body age!

The scales say my chronological age is younger than my biological age. Yay! But I want to lose some weight... I seem to have gained quite a bit in the last few years... So, I made up my mind to do some ballet exercises I used to do before I go to sleep. It feels good to stretch! Although, it can be a little painful sometimes. Anyway, I hope to keep it up!!


July 27 [Fri], 2007, 22:11

Kirigamine was great! I had a wonderful time there with my family and our dog. Nikkokisuge was beautiful and I took a picture of it. Hope you like it too.

I will go to Kirigamine again in August. Can't wait! I love countryside! When I visit Kirigamine, I always find that I am much of a country person. I am not the one for messy big city like Tokyo!! I am dying for a slow life. Slow life in the countryside!!

Leaving for KIRIGAMINE!!! 

July 21 [Sat], 2007, 10:36
I've been horribly busy these days. Not only days but nights. Work, work, work. Boy, it never seems to end and I'm dead beat...

But this weekend will be fun! I'm gonna stay at a cottage on Kirigamine Highlands with my family. I hear a flower called NIKKOKISUGE is in full bloom now, which must be beautiful

I'll show you some pics later! Have a nice weekend

happy weekend 

July 15 [Sun], 2007, 0:14
Hi there! I am on three-day holidays in a row!

Yesterday was a nightmare... I had mountains of documents to work on and worked hard until midnight!! I was totally maxed out when I got home around 1 am. But if I hadn't worked last night, I would have to work today... I wouldn't spoil precious weekend! Oh well, no more complaints! Cos I am happy and have plenty of spare time now

It's been raining, too hot and humid, and typhoon is coming... Not a very good weather for weekend, eh? But I enjoy staying at home! I love to stay at home! Helping Ore-chan's work, writing letters, learning English, reading books... What a happy weekend!

my old dear place 

July 13 [Fri], 2007, 0:02
Hiya! This is my 3rd entry! It's too hot and humid tonight as typical Japanese summer. I can't stand! I could use some ice cream or gelaaaaatooo!

So, do you know what this flower is called? I don't but it blossoms out every year in my parents' garden. It's just a tiny flower... but I like it. It reminds me of the good old days... when I was with my family.

And our family pet dog, Taka! He is too cute, isn't he!?

Well... I meant to write more but I think I have to head to bed now! Tomorrow is TGIF and then three-day holidays in a row. Yaaaay!

Hope y'all enjoy the little pictures. Bye for now


July 07 [Sat], 2007, 15:09
My BF Ore-chan and I went to his favorite kushikatsu restaurant called Kushinobo for lunch! Just in case you want to know what kushikatsu is... it's deep-fried meat, fish and/or vegetables on a bamboo skewer and tastes very good! You have to try, if you haven't had it, and you will be addicted after one bite...

Okay, I tell you what... Ore-chan says he loves kushikatsu soooooo much that he wants to be a KUSHIKATSU!!!! How funny, and how cute of him HAHA!

Oh Sorry, I'm just bragging =P I should have kept it to myself! LOL

naho's first entry 

July 06 [Fri], 2007, 23:18
hi, i'm naho from japan! i started this blog thing to share happy fluffy things in everyday life with my friends. one of my dreams is to speak english at will so i will keep this in english to get a better command of it. i will make some mistakes in my blog entries. sorry if i accidentally write something rude, but i don't really mean it! it's just my english isn't perfect! aarghhh... anyways, I give it a try!

well, this is my first entry, so i think i should introduce myself. i'm a twenty-something, very happy girl. i always try to be happy, except when i'm doing overtime. i hate to do overtime! in my spare time, i enjoy learning languages, reading books (i'm reading me and mr darcy now and... it's a fun book!), writing/reading letters, travelling, staying with my bf, acting, singing, dancing and more! i'm an aries, if you are interested in astrology... and my favorite color is pink... hmm... what else do you wanna know?

i'm going to canada this september. i'll see a family with which i stayed in the summer 1996. i'm already sooooooo excited about it! can't wait! to brush up on my english before i leave, i have taken up man-to-man english classes after work. it's real fun to talk in english! but sometimes i get frustrated when i can't say what i wanna say in english. i have to learn more vocabulary and phrases...

okay, i will stop here today cos it's midnight! i better head to bead! i wanna write a more interesting entry next time. see ya around!
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hi, my name is naho and i'm from japan. since i love fluffly stuff, like stuffed animals, fresh snow, dandelion seeds and happy old memories (they are all fluffy, aren't they?), i moved here in the fluffyland! fluffy things are always so comfy and sometimes they can be fragile... that's why i like them.
make yourself at home here in the fluffyland!
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