for Mojave where download LANDSCAPE DESIGN VERS. 17.0.7

March 08 [Fri], 2019, 1:03
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for Mojave where download LANDSCAPE DESIGN VERS. 17.0.7

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◑ 17.0.7 Landscape Design

Landscape Design provides a complete set of tools to plan, design, and visualize your landscape and outdoor living spaces. You can try different plants in a landscape bed, create the perfect outdoor kitchen, even add a deck or entertaining area!Use QuickStart's drag-and-drop rooms to lay out the shape of your home or start with a photo of your house. Landscape with drop-in gardens or create your own with the extensive plant library. Decorate the exterior with thousands of combinations of paint, siding, brick, stucco, and more. Detail it with outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchens, water features, and gazebos.Tutorials help you get started quickly! The Training Center guides you through visualizing your projects and gives you real tips on accomplishing them.Powerful landscaping
- Drag and drop plants into your design from a library of over 4000 flowers, shrubs, and trees.
- Plant Finder lets you select plants by growing region, water requirement, or sunlight needs.
- Start with pre-made garden beds for quick landscapes.
- Create plant bed areas and fill with rock or mulch.
- Add custom edging around flower beds, vegetable gardens, and walkways.
- Use the Grow feature to see how your landscape will look over time.Customize your outdoor spaces
- Choose from a wide range of building and decorating materials like roofing, stucco, siding, brick, and wood.
- Customize patios, walkways, and driveways with pavers, concrete stains, and stone.
- Materials from nationally-recognized brands that you can try out in your design.
- Detail your outdoor living spaces with thousands of outdoor furniture pieces and accessories. Add a kitchen to your patio with pre-made outdoor kitchen islands or create your own with outdoor cabinets, appliances, smokers, and grills.
- Experiment with material combinations using Decorator Palettes. Try out different looks for the exterior of your house, switch between deck materials, even check out how different mulches look in your plant beds.
- Precision Lighting PlannerTM provides complete control for outdoor lighting. Add path lights and up/down accent lights. The lighting designer and sun direction helps you plan how much light you want and where.
- Extend your outdoor entertaining season by adding a hot tub, fire pit or outdoor fireplace.
- Add seating and entertaining areas with a wide selection of outdoor furniture.
- Use roofing options to cover the patio or add a pergola.
- Add a patio or sun deck and a privacy fence.
- Estimator will keep track of what you do and provide schedules of paver areas, plant lists and more.Deck tools to expand your living space
- Drag and drop deck templates provide quick single or multi-tier decks.
- IntellideckTM makes it easy to build a custom deck in 2 clicks of a mouse. Intellideck intuitively knows the shape of your house as you draw so you can build a custom deck in seconds.
- Automatically insert decks and railings. Custom railings and stairs can be drawn either straight or curved.
- Customize your deck with drag and drop materials.Landscape Design Project Ideas!
- Outdoor kitchen: Create an island for dining or cooking. Add a bar top to add serving space. Try out different materials for the cabinets and appliances. Add a grill or smoker to complete the perfect outdoor cooking space.
- Outdoor lighting: Add path lights to illuminate pathways and driveways. Use accent up and down spots to create exciting lighting effects.
- Create outdoor rooms: Use the extensive furniture selection to create outdoor entertaining areas. Add lighting to extend your outdoor parties into the evenings.
- Add a privacy fence: Create customizable fencing around your property or hot tub. Add a living fence with easy plant spacing using the visual array tool.
- Mulch bed around tree: Choose the right edging for the desired look. Drop in the mulch or rock of your choice. Finally add a garden or accent light.

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