Pharmaceutical Bags consists of 3 layers films

May 13 [Mon], 2019, 16:19
Health hazards are getting common and are increasing day by day. With that consumption of various supplements and medicines is increasing too. With this increasing need of medicines its packaging needs are also increasing rapidly. Packaging of such pharmaceutical products and supplement powder is to done with care. Pharmaceutical Bags should consist of certain properties and characteristics as the product packed inside is too delicate and need to be packaged with care.
Pharmaceutical Bags consists of 3 layers films manufactured using various high quality material such as PET, PE, Metalized PET, Kraft Paper, EVOH that ensures maximum strength to the packages.These Bags are available in wide range of colors, sizes and styles in ready to dispatch stock as well as they can be customized in every aspect related to size, design and material that can be discussed at the time of placing the order. These Bags can even be printed using latest rotogravure and flexographic printing that allows printing the bags in up to 9 different colors. Company’s logo and various designs can be printed using these technologies that help in making the product unique and innovative from various market competitors. IT also helps in displaying various labels and product information for the convenience of both marketer and consumers.In the race of getting fit and increasing immunity and strength people have started consuming various supplement and protein powder. This consumption of supplements is becoming very common among various athletics and sportsman.
These protein powder and health supplements are needed to be packed very carefully so that the quality of the product does not get degrade with the passage of time. This product is generally packed in rigid containers which had many adverse effects. To overcome these drawbacks flexible Supplement Bags come into the market. This flexible packaging occupies 5 times less space than rigid containers and provides ease and convenience in transportation and storage process.Flexible Supplement packaging bags are biodegradable and also recyclable thus causes minimum harm to the environment. This bag is more durable and stable and provides high protective barrier against oxygen, moisture, dust and various external contaminations and micro-organisms.The Pharmaceutical and supplement bags are available in different style bags such as stand up pouches, flat bottom bags, side gusset bags, spout pouches, vacuum bags, etc…The minimum order to be placed in stock order is 1000 units and 10,000 units in custom order.More details:dry powder fire extinguisher Manufacturers
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