One of the key Buy Fut Coins differences between

February 18 [Tue], 2014, 10:35
One of the key Buy Fut Coins differences between THQ's MotoGP and other racing games is that when you hit top speed, you'll receive a turbo boost that will shoot you past the majority of the other bikes out on the track. But like in the arcade mode, you have to decide how long you want to maintain top speed because you run a higher risk of running into a wall the longer you use the boost

The weather effects in MotoGP are very well done

The graphics in the game are quite well done. All the riders and bikes are nicely detailed--the riders look as though they're actually wearing leather, and you can even see the small imperfections on the tires of the bike. The environments look solid as well, but what will really grab your eye are some of the weather effects. When it rains, and you're in either the first-person camera angle or the front-bumper camera angle, droplets of water hit and streak across the screen. Other bikes kick up a constant stream of mist when they're out in front of you, and even an occasional bolt of lightning also flashes off in the distance. When the sun is shining, you'll get to see a slight reflective effect--similar to the one in Gran Turismo 3--that shows all the little bumps and indentations in the track. The animation in the game, particularly the crash animation, is pretty well done, and you'll see a variety of reactions from the riders depending on certain situations
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