You change your Fifa 14 Coins hair a lot

February 11 [Tue], 2014, 9:52
You change your Fifa 14 Coins hair a lot, right
I've been doing fun haircuts for Buy Fut Coins various parts of the mission; forexample, if we have a big system test, each time we'd have one ofthose I'd, like, shave maybe the number of the test into the sideof my head, or maybe an acronym for something big in that test. Forthe launch it was red and gold -- it was meant to look like arocket with a plume coming out. I think people knew that I wasgoing to do something for this one, so one of my bosses pre-emptedme and sent an internet poll out to everybody on the team and waslike, OK, you get to vote on what Bobak's hair looks like thistime. That's how we came up with the red-white-and-blue-lookinghaircut. There were some write-ins. One of them was areverse-mohawk. I don't know how good that would've looked onTV.

What have been some of your other favoritehaircuts
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