Most catfish! 5 main forces or new threats could replace Royce

January 09 [Fri], 2015, 17:07
Most catfish! 5 main forces or new threats could replace Royce

Bundesliga powerhouse Dortmund slump this season, the team ended the first half with penultimate race, second half against relegation worry. Back in the half of the game, buy fifa coins Dortmund's frontcourt offensive player is inefficient, highly controversial. Royce were battered by injuries, muxitayang slump, aubameyang alone into battle, Kagawa seems to have lost the magic touch, and blaszczykowskii is a long-term due to injury. Dortmund in the winter break and the introduction of the Slovenia winger Kanpur, Germany newspaper Bild pointed out that Kanpur may substitute 5 Borussia Dortmund over the player's position, maybe Dortmund will fire the enthusiasm of the players.

Kanpur's performance on the pitch is very versatile, he can play left and right winger, attacking midfielder position, so he is very important for Dortmund's tactical system. With the joining of Kanpur, is currently two Dortmund players suffered injuries may not be secure. Lacklustre muxitayang is now being sidelined this season, and he will miss the team's winter preparation period, it is not good news for him. Poland names blaszczykowskii for cruciate ligament injury, has had for almost a year, did not play in the game. Popular Kanpur, can replace his position.

All but two of the wounded, but Dortmund two players because of international arrangements, and potential impacts of Kanpur. Japan midfielder Kagawa return to Dortmund last summer, but he was not as it was in Dortmund's magic, he also repeatedly said they could not attend the summer prepare for themselves and lack of team chemistry. But the bad news is that the team's winter preparation Kagawa Japan national team in the Asian Cup. Aubameyang was the team's top scorer in the team, a strong position. But began on January 17 to Gabon's national team at the Africa Cup contest, this is Kanpur opportunity.
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