Several Video Multiplexers Availabe at FiberStore

March 03 [Mon], 2014, 16:52
FiberStore has been provide fiber optic transmitting products for a over ten year, this article take you to understand FiberStore hot products digital video multiplexers with their chaacteristics, feaetures, functions, as well as applications of different types.

Digital Video technology is emerged as the ultimate facilitator of surveillance needs and has played an important role in the security area, that enables flexible, real-time, highly manageable and tunable solutions. The digital video multiplexer combined with Wavelength Division Multiplexer technology, making it possible to extend video and data service up to 100km distance simultaneously through one single fiber, and get the real-time high-definition video on the receiver side. Fiber digital video multiplexers are commonly used for security application to control and monitor video cameras signals in airports, train station and public hotspots.

FiberStore provide digital video multiplexers for video/audio/data signal transmission. These video multiplexers are single mode and multimode fiber type with 1 to 64 channel signals in different optical distance. They can either be track mountable or standard units. FiberStore also provide insert card version, which can be inserted into the 16-slot, 19inch 2U or 4U rack-mountable card cage for 10-digit coding and non-compression video transmission.

Typical fiber ports of these multiplexer are FC, SC or ST with interfaces of RS422, RS485 or RS232, making it workable with series to date fiber media converters such as RS422, RS485 or RS232 fiber convertersperfectly.

1-64 Channel Video Multiplexers Video multiplexer are built on CWDM and can encoded multi-channel video signals and convert them to optical signals to transmit on optical fibers. It handled several video signals simultaneously, and can provide simultaneous display and playback features. With a video multiplexer, users can record their combined signals on the VCR or where else they want to record.

Digital multiplexer has two VCR IN connections and two VCR OUT connections. There is one pair of VCR IN/OUT 4-pin DINI connectors (Y/C) and one couple with BNC connections (composite video). The VCR IN connectors is used to connect the multiplexer to a VCR which will be used to playback recorded images. Connect the Video OUT connector on a VCR to one of the VCR IN connectors on the multiplexer. The VCR OUT connectors are used to connect the digital multiplexer to a VCR which will be used to record video. Connect the Video IN connector on a VCR to one of the VCR OUT connectors on the multiplexer.

Video data multiplexers are based on digital video technology to provide fiber optic transmission of video and return or bidirectional data signals in demanding environments. They can provide highly reliable data transmission and expandable data capacity over fiber optic cables up to a few tens of kilometers. The video data multiplexers simultaneously transmit multi-channel 8-bit digitally encoded broadcast quality video over one multimode or single mode optical fiber.

This module is directly compatible with NTSC, AL, or SECAM CCTV camera systems and support RS-485, RS-422, and RS-232 data protocols. These muxes are typically used with cameras that have PTZ capability. The plug and play design ensures adjustment-free installation and operation. LED indicators are provided for instant monitoring system status.

Video and Audio Multiplexer combines digital video with digital audio to form the embedded signal. It has optical remote monitoring capabilities so that operation can be controlled remotely. The audio video multiplexer can simultaneously transmit 1-64 channels of 8-bit digital encoded broadcast quality video/unidirectional or bidirectional audio signals over multimode or single mode optical fiber. These multiplexers are used in applications where the cameras have P/T/Z capabilities.

Video/Audio/Data Multiplexers transmit 1-64 channels of 8-bit digitally encoded broadcast quality video/return or bidirectional data/unidirectional or bidirectional audio over one multimode or single-mode optical fiber. These multiplexers are used in applications where the cameras have P/T/Z capabilities. With Plug and Play design, it can convert, integrate, groom and multiplex multiple video/audio/data streams effortlessly.

The Video & Data & Audio Multiplexers are ideal for a wide range of multiplexing and re-multiplexing applications including Broadcast/Studio, CCTV audio and Professional AV applications.