retaliation,beats by dre uk Ahmed, 41, said Sunday 4214212

April 13 [Sat], 2013, 12:30
Shafiq Ahmed said vandals rammed cheap dr dre beats a car into his One Stop Shop convenience store, then set a fire - an assault disturbingly reminiscent of the attempted terror attack just days earlier on the airport of this gritty Scottish city. Police are investigating the alleged attack and others as part of an apparent backlash against Glasgow's Muslims since the failed airport assault and attempted car bombings in London. At least 24 incidents are being probed, from graffiti on a mosque to firebombed businesses. As he cleaned the soot from his charred store, Ahmed, who moved to Britain as an infant, hoped the attack on his family business wasn't racially motivated. After 30 peaceful years in Scotland, the idea that some may no longer welcome him and his Scottish-born children is highly uncomfortable. I haven't got words to describe it. I'm hoping it's not retaliation,beats by dre uk Ahmed, 41, said Sunday, in a thick Glasgow accent. It's a shame to think you can't work with people and enjoy the company of people and instead have to worry. Unlike in Muslim enclaves in northern England, Asian Muslims in Glasgow do not live in complete isolation. White customers are common in curry restaurants and ethnic grocery stores. Glaswegians wearing the colors of the local soccer team, the Glasgow Rangers, share the sidewalks with Muslim community elders clad in the long tunics and matching baggy trousers traditionally worn in Pakistan. Like Muslim communities across Britain, there is seething resentment in Glasgow at the British government's foreign policy. The Iraq war, the alliance with the United States and a perception of one-sidedness in the Israel-Palestinian conflict all fuel hostility. But terrorism in the name of Islam is abhorred in equal measure. Efforts to breed divisions have not fared well in Glasgow. In the former industrial towns of northern England where much of Britain's Asian diaspora is settled, the far right British National Party with its fiercely cheap beats by dre anti-Muslim rhetoric has made inroads. But in Glasgow - Scotland's most populous Muslim city - the BNP has hardly any presence. Problems of unemployment, poverty, and alcohol and drug abuse are shared by the community, not divided along racial lines. Glasgow's Muslims are now wondering if all that will change as British police continue to thread together elements of the recent failed terror attacks. Staff described them as a junior doctor and a medical student. On Thursday, police were still examining a Glasgow house rented by Abdulla, which a British security official said authorities believed was the site where the plotters made the bombs used in both the London and the airport attacks. Neighbor Susan Hay told The Associated Press that police said they were stripping the home Thursday morning to look for fingerprints and beats by dre cheap other forensic materials. A large tent - set up Sunday - screened the garage. Police have refused to identify which suspects lived in the house, but Denis O'Donnell of the local Paisley Cab Company, said his taxis had picked up Abdulla at the house frequently.
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»  retaliation,beats by dre uk Ahmed, 41, said Sunday 4214212 (2013年12月04日)
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