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January 28 [Mon], 2013, 11:07
We all set goals and of course, we want to achieve them. How many of us promised ourselves, that yes, we want to be healthier, want to lose weight, we want to be more organized, be more positive, blah-blah. Okay, I can feel the enthusiasm, the fire is there, but for how long? Today's blog is about motivation on how to set goals so that all of our best intentions won't simply come to waste. You know what are the monster beats by dre top most enemies when you set goals? It's inaction and temptation. Well, it's only human nature to feel lazy and give in to our temptations once in a while, but you don't want to let go of your dreams and goals and your best intentions only to get swayed by life's inevitable temptations, right? So how do you beat those two monsters we get to encounter with when we set goals? Well firstly, hold yourself accountable. We all tend to get lazy from time to time, and there's nothing wrong with that. So to attack laziness, we got to apply some pressure, and not just any pressure, but positive public pressure with accountability to make you more motivated. It's like when you make a commitment when you set goals-and make it public. Make sure that people close to you know about your self improvement goals so that there's enough public pressure on your part-to track you down and check on your progress, especially on a consistent basis. Reporting to them would make you think twice about inertia and letting go of your goal setting. Now that's motivation working. It's not just about you're doing something 'coz you're being required to. It's one thing to really, really want something with all your heart. And may I say not just to want it, but you got to really desire it wholeheartedly. And about the temptation? Sometimes we get tempted once in a while, but that's okay. But you don't have to kick yourself out of it. Just accept it that it's a part of life, and then you can move on. And lastly, no matter what happens, do the Nike thing when you set beats headphones cheap goals-just do it! Yes, you'll encounter some temptations along the way, but then again so what? That's fine-just keep going. You'll make mistakes; you'll face difficulties and challenges, but still keep on going. Yeah sure, there are mountains to climb, you waver, and you fall. Just get up and keep on going-just like the Energizer bunny. The 21st century is known to astrologers to be the beginning of a millennium of the feminine way of knowing. Predictions indicate that men will grow into balance with their feminine side and the feminine principle will be at work in the powers ruling the world. These changes will come slowly but like the Woman Clothed By The Sun in St. John's Revelation, we are pregnant with the new earth and the new heaven on earth. The idea that Cookie is about to wed could mean that I am closer to balancing my male and female energy and I felt the anticipation of a becoming worthy bride about to turn a corner in her life. The tangential meaning of being pregnant with myself is also relevant. (Moreover, the thought I might meet someone new was hopeful, sweet as a cookie is.) Dream images don't just translate to one meaning. When we amplify them with associations and collective meaning we see the many levels of the dream. By keeping my eyes closed and staying close cheap beats by dre to the images, locating them in my body, I inhabited all the layers of the dream. The indecisions of the hat/hair choices gave me pains in my head, but I could find self-forgiveness.
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