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January 25 [Fri], 2013, 11:12
One of the biggest stumbling blocks for the aspiring guitarist is how to deal with difficult chord shapes, as a matter of fact I've discovered the best way to deal with them is by not playing them at all! As long as you know what you are beats headphones cheap doing you can design easy chord shapes and have more fun playing the guitar. Difficult chord shapes tangle your fingers and worst of all prevents you from playing good rhythm, as the guitar player concentrates too much on trying to maneuver their fingers from one fretboard gymnastic event to the next their foot stops tapping and all is lost. The lifeblood of music is the rhythmic pulse (the ground beat) the primary concern of every musician should be to develop their rhythmic feel for music... their "groove" therefore once the guitarist becomes distracted by impossible chord shapes their can be no musical progress. Regardless of how many chords, scales, or songs a guitar player knows if the do not play with a good rhythmic feel they will never play music! So here is a quick look at some of the possible alternatives you have for playing chords on the guitar, keep in mind this is just a sample there are many other possibilities waiting to be discovered. This is the standard way of playing an "A" chord what many players don't understand is that you will get your best sound by playing five strings for this chord not six as indicated in most chord books. Leave string six out of this chord and you will hear the chord clearly. A great substitute for the common garden variety "A" chord is the "Asus2"chord it sounds as if it would be more difficult to play but it isn't in fact many recordings feature this chord as a substitute for the standard "A' chord. The Asus2 chord is sometimes written as A2. How about the "B" chord? Now here's a chord that stops most players in their tracks let's look some nice and easy options for this monster beats by dre. Bsus4 or B4 is a handy substitute for B chord that many professional guitarist use to add a different texture to their rhythm playing. Moving on to "C" chord; the "C" chord is a very common but unfortunately quite cumbersome chord shape for many beginners to negotiate, here are some alternatives for you to try. Here's a handy substitute for the common "C" it's called C(add2) it might look difficult at first however you will find it similar to one of our "G" shapes coming up next. Even "G" chords can be tricky, how about trying these! or even this great sounding "G" chord that works well with the C(add2) we just discovered. Hopefully that will give you something to think about, try them all and pay close attention to how each chord sounds on your guitar. Comparing one candidate to another is just like comparing apples to oranges - you can't make a valid comparison. This is one area where I recommend a bit of tunnel vision instead of your usual global business vision. You need to treat every applicant as if they were the same person. Ask the same questions. Find 5 or 6 questions cheap beats by dre to ask each candidate so that you can develop a rating system that you can refer to later on when you have the final batch of interview results on the table.
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