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Then repeating the following line which was an extempore and equally adapted to recommend both Riding and Candour-- "Ride where you may, Be Candid where you can," she picjaocenence10/9 added," I rode once, but it is many years ago--She spoke this in so low and tremulous a Voice, that I was silent--. Struck with her Manner of speaking I could make no reply. "I have not ridden, continued she fixing her Eyes on my face, since I was married." I was never so surprised--"Married, Ma'am!" I repeated.

The man and the woman liked the big, honest lad. One day he said to Samson: "I hope you won't mind if I go along with you, sir." "Glad to have you with us," said Samson. "We've talked it over. Frank J. Hamilton, who had been associated with the battery at Camp Meade, was Jeremy Scott Big Tongue Soldes reassigned to the organization from Headquarters Company of the regiment, during the early part of March, 1919. Private Stuart E.

Were the rules for the award of these medals read previous to their decision? Or were the obedient Council only used to register the edict of their President? Or were they mocked, as they have been in other instances, with the semblance of a free discussion? Has it never occurred to gentlemen who have been thus situated, that although they have in truth had no part in the decision, yet the Society and the public will justly attribute a portion of the merit or demerit of their award, to those to whom that trust was confided? Did no one member of the Council venture, with the most submissive deference, to suggest to the President, that the public eye would watch with interest this first decision on the Royal medals, and that it might perhaps be more discreet to adjudge them, for the first time, in accordance with the laws which had been made for their distribution? Or was public opinion then held in supreme contempt? Was it scouted, as I have myself heard it scouted, in the councils of the Royal Society? Or was the President exempt, on this occasion, from the responsibility of dictating an award in direct violation Jeremy Scott Hoodie Pas Cher of the faith which had been pledged to the Society and to the public? and, did the Council, intent on exercising a power so rarely committed to them; and, perhaps, urged by the near approach of their hour of dinner, dispense with the formality of reading the laws on which they were about to act? Whatever may have been the cause, the result was most calamitous to the Society. Its decision was attacked on other grounds; for, with a strange neglect, the Council had taken no pains to make known, either to the Society, or to the public, the rules they had made for the adjudication of these medals. The evils resulting from this decision were many.

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