Beyonce Won Forbes' Highest-Earning Star Under 30

December 27 [Mon], 2010, 10:20

"They are a group of money-making machines. Get Ready Fast â€[ Quick and Easy Trend Bible for christian louboutin " The well-known American financial magazine "Forbes" has recently released its 2009 Global richest young celebrity list. Facing those twleve millionairs whose average age is only 23 year old, the maximum of their yearly income is 87 million and lowest 22 million dollars, Forbes which had always been very serious issued with emotions.Polished christian louboutin are Absolutely In Reign for July

The list released by Forbes had limit about the age. One Should Know the Reasons of the Popularity of christian louboutin It referred to celebrities who are less than 30 years old. The 12 richest celebrities on the list include not only the money maker from the entertainment business, but also the sports stars from the sports circle. Though it was the severest year impacted by the financial crisis, the money absorbers absorbed money 0.41 billion totally for people`s expectation.

Queen of pop music Beyonce earned 87million dollars one year and became the champion, her income almost doubled F1 racer Kimi Raikkonen who took the second place. Beyonce published his third solo album I Am...Sasha Fierce, supporting cast in 2 films, touring a lot and singing in the 81th the Oscars and Obama's inauguration ceremony. In addition, she was also the spokespeople for many brands, including the Japan Crystal Geyser of mineral water, L`oreal Paris, Samantha Thavasa bags, and she had launched brand for wearing of her own name.

Finland F1 racer Kimi Raikkonen ranked the second who has the highest salary in F1. Although he didn't win the championship in the last year, but he still managed to earn 45 million U.S. dollars, ranking the second place on the list. Ferrari has announced another year with his contract, Raikkonen will remain working for this well-known team next year.

James was the regular season MVP of last year. Compared with his salary, his sponser is a greater of his wealth. The endorsement contracts of Nike, Upper Deck, the U.S. State Farm Insurance, as well as the "vitamin water" produced by Coca-Cola has accumulated a new endorser.

Another making money lady on the roll was sweetie Britney who appeared again last year. She ranked fourth by 35 million dollars annual income. Experienced the nervous breakdown in 2007, last year, Britney Spears released her new album "Circus" in November, which became one of the fastest-selling albums of the year and sold out 1.5 million U.S. dollars in just three months. She will hold a world tour this March and the thirteen concerts will bring her 24 million income.

237 weeks' winning streak made Federer the No1 player. Awards for the Career of last October made him surpassed Sampras. According to the statistics of Forbes, Federer earned as much as 33,000,000 dollar last year.

It is noteworthy that the ones who are below 20 occupied one third of the list. Among them, the youngest child star is only 16 year-old- Miley Cyrus. The only 16-year-old queen of beauty and sweet Miley Cyrus who entered the world of entertainment as a child star became the champion of those less than 20 years old. A busy one year brought her an income of 25 million dollars. Cyrus last year sold four million albums, shot more than 30 sets of the Disney Channel television series "Hannah Montana" and issued a series of specialty products from sleeping bags to lunch boxes.